At this point in the Trump presidency — and especially on this campus — criticizing President Donald Trump has become so common and routine that doing so feels unproductive.

Joke gone wrong
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Joke gone wrong

A friend once asked me, “Do you think it’s possible for someone to be so liberal that they are close-minded?” My immediate thought was of course not — that’s the whole point of being liberal.

Why might we be happy to do things for free but not when we are paid to do them? If your neighbor asks you to watch their dog for a night, you will be happy to do it. But if they pay you after, you may not only be offended by the amount, you might expect to be paid even more next time.

March Madness
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President Donald Trump’s recent budget blueprint for the fiscal year 2018

It’s done! The dreaded University of Michigan Central Student Government election season is over and we have a winner: eMerge! Congratulations; I know you all worked very hard and wanted this more than anything you’ve wanted thus far in your campus careers.

The student section for the Women's National Invitation Tournament quarterfinal on March 25.
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I was disappointed by the University of Michigan men's basketball loss March 23, but was thrilled by the women's basketball win! Title IX has only leveled certain aspects of women's athletics on campus.

For many, today’s America is the pinnacle of the continuous development of humanity toward ever-greater freedom.

Students are, bar none, the most important resource at the University of Michigan. We are not simply students at the University; we are the University.

At the end of February, the state of Michigan published the findings of the 21st Century Education Commission report.

Tune into this installment of our Central Student Government elections podcast, where Opinion Podcast Manager Kevin Sweitzer talks to the Movement Party about their campaign and platform.

As bias incidents continue to occur across campus, student organizations are pressing the University to reevaluate its responses to such incidents.

As the future of many nationwide policies that aim to combat sexual assault hang in the balance, a bipartisan group of Michigan legislators has introduced a package of three bills to assist sexual assault survivors.

C.C. Little is one of the campus buildings named after a controversial figure.
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In recent years, college students across the country have called upon universities to rename campus buildings that commemorate individuals who have histories of supporting slavery and other racist and discriminatory programs and policies. The University of Michigan has been no exception.

Following fierce protests and fiery criticism, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as secretary of education on Feb.

As the University of Michigan continually implements initiatives to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment, one minority in particular has been neglected in the University’s discussions: students with disabilities.

On Jan. 18, The New York Times’ The Upshot published a report with statistics detailing variation in student income on college campuses in the United States.

Last Friday, Jan.