As all new years begin, resolutions are created. So, as the fall semester approached this year, a few friends and I made a resolution to be more physically active this semester.

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Editor's note: The writer's name has been changed to protect their identity.

It’s gameday, and I walk into a tailgate and am immediately handed a beer — a substance that would shut down all my internal organs from just a sip. All my friends have pre-gamed the pre-game, and I know it’s just the security guards and me who are sober right now.

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In the past several days, my 92-year-old grandmother’s health has starkly declined, and she is currently in the hospital. The consensus among my family, based on what doctors have told us, as well as my grandmother’s chosen course of action, is that she is going to die soon.

I love being a Jew. Though not very religious, a huge part of my identity is the fact that I’m Jewish, and I love that. I love the community, the songs, the traditions, the food, the learning, just about everything.

As a Jew who staunchly supports Israel’s right to exist, I will always have serious doubts about the intentions behind divesting from Israel.

I hesitate to critique Greek life from the outside, because members I know routinely attest to the unparalleled benefits they receive from their membership. And maybe they’re right.

The campus here in Ann Arbor typically has a great pulse on the looming issues across the United States. We all know the University of Michigan’s campus is quite often at the forefront of discussions about social equality, race relations and political controversies.

On Nov.

In the wake of the Interfraternity Council’s suspension of all fraternity social activity due to serious allegations of sexual misconduct, hazing and dozens of hospitalizations

It’s that time of year again: Football season is coming to a close, the temperature is falling faster than the leaves and the sun is setting before most of us eat dinner. Final exam season is on the horizon. On Oct.

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Historically and contemporarily, universities have been the center of social change and political discourse. Consequently, the nature of free speech on university campuses is a deeply important issue.

On Nov. 7, Ann Arbor will be electing five City Council members, one from each of the five wards. This year, three of the seats — in Wards 2, 4 and 5 — are contested.

Fall term brings a familiar struggle back to students: the scramble to get a group of friends together, the hours scouring the internet or taking to the streets to find that perfect house or apartment, the scraping together of money for a security deposit.

In an increasingly tense school year for students of color, the Oct. 7 football game against Michigan State University brought on renewed controversy: the policing of multicultural fraternity parties.

#MeToo has been tweeted over 800,000 times since Alyssa Milano brought it to the forefront of Twitter in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assau

With the endorsement of President Donald Trump, the House of Representatives recently passed a bill that criminalizes abortions past 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Monday’s Las Vegas shooting, which left at least 59 dead and 500 injured, adds another tally to the United States’ dark history of gun violence.