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Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - 8:56pm

Attend a mass meeting.

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Over the past 125 years, thousands of students have walked into The Michigan Daily to cover the news — whether that meant writing, photographing, designing, debating or, more recently, filming, coding and tweeting.
We're on the sidelines during football games, and in the front row at campaign rallies and concerts. Our staff members report on the University's adminsitration, Michigan's sports teams, local cultural events and much more. We create new ways to interact with and look at data, film campus events, write opinions about campus and national issues and photograph presidential candidates — at the Daily, you can cover almost anything on campus, in Ann Arbor or nationwide.
Our reporters often travel around the country to cover important stories and events, as well as experience producing the only daily print newspaper in Washtenaw County. We are independent, student-run and dedicated to providing coverage for the local community and beyond, as well as training journalists.
Now, we're looking for the students who want to carry that tradition forward into its 126th year, 127th year and beyond. This fall, the Daily is hiring for all sections — news, sports, opinion, arts, photography, design, copy, video, web, social media, Michigan in Color and business. To learn more about applying, you can attend a mass meeting on Sept. 8, 12, 18 or 22 at 7 p.m. in our newsroom, at 420 Maynard. We welcome students with all levels of journalism experience — whether you were the editor in chief of your high school newspaper, or have never written an article, we'll teach you.
Read below to find out more information about each section.

News: If you love to be in-the-know and enjoy talking to campus leaders, professors, administrators and government officials, then the news section is where you belong. The news section includes eleven beats: University administration and academics, campus life, Ann Arbor, public safety, science, business, government, hospital, Detroit and student government. E-mail to learn more about applying.

Sports: Want to write about the winged helmets? Want to walk on the field at the Big House? Maybe you'd rather interview John Beilein or Red Berenson after a basketball or hockey game. Then The Michigan Daily Sports section is the place for you. The Sports section offers the opportunity to cover Michigan’s non-revenue sports before working your way up to a beat position covering baseball, softball, women’s basketball, hockey, men’s basketball or football.

Opinion: If you like to tell others what’s on your mind, then the Daily’s opinion section is just for you. The section consists of editorial board members, columnists and cartoonists. The main responsibilities of editorial board members are to attend editorial board meetings and write leftsides (Daily editorials) and viewpoints. Click here to learn more about our application process.

Arts: Daily Arts is the place for you to express your feelings about the latest Ke$ha song, defend or attack the onslaught of reality TV or write an in-depth piece that explores zombies on campus. It's also the home of the funny photo captions. Arts is divided into four subsections — Music, Film, TV/New Media and Community Culture — among which applicants must choose when applying. Arts also produces The B-Side — a four-page weekly insert with features about local and national Arts issues.

Photography: Do you take your camera with you everywhere you go? Are you constantly trying to capture moments before they slip away? If you don’t mind getting close to athletes, professors and performers, then a photographer position is right for you. Photographers are required to shoot news, feature, sports and arts photos on a regular basis. The application process to be on photo staff is competitive, and photography skills are required to apply.

Design: Are you interested in graphic design? Did you love working for your high school yearbook or newspaper? If you answered yes to one of these questions, Daily Design may be the place for you! Design is in charge of layout for the entire newspaper, including B sections like The Statement, The B-Side and SportsMonday. As a designer you will learn how to use Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator, as well as valuable hands-on technical and design experience that you truly cannot get anywhere else on campus.

Copy Desk: Anyone with a healthy aversion for dangling modifiers, ambiguous prepositions and the Oxford comma is encouraged to join copy and help us polish the paper. The main responsibilities of the copy desk include fact-checking news and opinion articles and correcting grammar, syntax and style. If you consider yourself a “grammar nut,” “accuracy nut” or just a nut in general, you will find yourself right at home at the copy desk.

Statement: The Statement is the Daily's weekly news magazine, featuring a range of columns, long-form journalism and personal statements. All Daily staffers can contribute pieces to the Statement.

Video: Ever dream of being the next Steven Spielberg or winning an Emmy for a gut-wrenching documentary? But before making it big, you have to start somewhere. Come practice your filmmaking skills by producing videos for the Daily. Videographers will be expected to shoot and/or edit video clips 2 to 5 minutes in length. Videos may be produced for news, sports and arts stories or as stand-alone feature clips. Basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro or other film editing programs is necessary.

Social Media: If you have a strong Twitter game or spend hours thinking of the perfect Instagram caption, social media is the place for you. We are in charge of running and posting on all of the Daily's social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yik Yak, Snapchat, Tumblr and more. Responsibilities and positions vary by network, and anyone with experience in analytics or marketing is especially encouraged to apply.

Web: Looking for new web development and programming challenges? Whether you're a beginner wanting to pick up web development, or a developer looking for some side projects, The Michigan Daily's Web Team has got you covered. The Web Team works side-by-side with the editorial and business staffs of the Daily to supplement their work by building web interfaces, interactive graphics, internal communication tools and much more. For additional information, feel free to reach out to us at

Michigan in Color: If you are passionate about social justice, then Michigan in Color is the section for you! This section is comprised for and by students of color and its purpose is to amplify minority voices on campus. We want to hear your thoughts about race, gender, socio-economic status, nationality, and other social identities you may hold. The Michigan Daily is ready to hear YOUR voice!

Business: Want a career in business after graduation? Join The Michigan Daily business staff and receive professional experience that prepares you for a career in the field. Working for The Michigan Daily business staff provides students with unparalleled practical experience and education. The business staff is in charge of the Daily's advertising sales, creative production, and marketing. We are currently for advertising consultants (sales staff) and marketing interns for the 2016-17 school year. To apply, simply send a cover letter and résumé to