Check out The Michigan Daily’s 2020 Election Website

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - 12:44am


Design by Lizzy Rueppel

Need some more information on the candidates and proposals on the ballot before Election Day? Curious about the number of mail-in ballots that have been accepted in Michigan? Want to test your knowledge with some election-themed trivia? 

Check out The Michigan Dailys 2020 election website to read and interact with our political content. The site will continue to be updated in the days leading up to and after the election on Nov. 3. Check back in on Election Day for polling line wait times and results counted. 

This week, The Dailys Statement Magazine is focused on the 2020 Election. Read personal statements and investigative pieces on the historic nature of Kamala Harrisvice presidential nomination, the eerie similarities between 2016 and now, voting for policies, not politicians, the power behind voting at any age and the anxiety that comes with the approach of Nov. 3. This special edition can be accessed at our Magnify site, which is updated every Wednesday with new content.