University launches investigation into North Quad roofing system failure

Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 10:24pm

As workers continue another year of unexpected repairs to the roof of North Quad Residence Hall’s residential and academic wing, the University of Michigan is preparing to pursue an investigation into the roofing system’s failure just six years after its construction.

The $175 million North Quad complex opened in 2010, featuring widely hailed state of the art technology and internationally focused residences and dining halls. 

The University of Michigan’s Board of Regents has approved two separate repair projects for the North Quad roof — one in April 2015 and another this past April — totaling $11 million over the last two summers, citing the failure of 55,000 square feet of roofing. The most recently approved action request stated that construction will be completed this fall.

University spokeswoman Kim Broekhuizen wrote in an email interview that the roof, contracted through Walbridge, had an expected life of over 50 years. According to Broekhuizen, funding for the repairs will come from investment proceeds and an in-depth search for the cause of the failure is ongoing.

“The University is pursuing all potentially responsible parties,” Broekhuizen wrote.