Michigan football players endorse CSG candidates

Monday, March 21, 2016 - 3:18pm

Central Student Government hopefuls are looking to members of the University of Michigan football team to help them gain student support ahead of campus-wide elections Wednesday and Thursday.

Both newMICH and Your Michigan have released video endorsements, from freshman safety Jabrill Peppers, a LSA sophomore, and junior tight end Jake Butt, a LSA junior, respectively.  Each of their video endorsements have received more than 3,000 views from Facebook users.  

In his endorsement, Peppers echoed newMICH’s platform to reform CSG, and said he intended to vote for the party’s executive ticket —presidential candidate David Schafer and vice presidential candidate Micah Griggs, both LSA juniors — in the upcoming election.

During the campaign, Schafer and Griggs have stressed fostering a more inclusive environment on campus by creating a leadership scholarship for low-income students, increasing funding for Counseling and Psychological Services and the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center and putting a student on the University’ Board of Regents.   

“It’s time for a Central Student Government that is inclusive, representative and productive,” Peppers said.

In his endorsement, Butt had a similar message about Your Michigan, saying that the party represented student voice. 

Your Michigan has also heavily emphasizes increasing support for SAPAC, as well as improving mental health resources on campus. Led by Ford junior Thomas Hislop and LSA junior Cam Dotson — who are vying for president and vice president respectively — the party also has a slate of other initiatives, including creating a team of trained volunteers who will transport students from North to Central Campus who are in need of counseling from CAPS. 

“This is your time, your voice, your Michigan,” Butt said.

Members of the University of Michigan basketball team also endorsed Your Michigan in video published Monday on the party's Facebook page. 

The third party with an executive ticket, the Defend Affirmative Action Party, led by presidential candidate Keysha Wall, an LSA junior and vice presidential candidate Chalse Okorom, an LSA sophomore, have not announced an endorsement from a member of the football program. On their public Facebook group, DAAP states their platform is to double minority enrollment at the University and to build a new civil rights movement with the spirit of Ferguson.

The Michigan football team as a whole does not endorse any party vying for CSG executive office.