On The Daily: Students 'hype' for $1 Pancheros burritos

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 4:54pm

For University of Michigan students who worked up an appetite from start of the second week of class, Pancheros Mexican Grill on South University Avenue offered some relief Tuesday in the form of $1 burritos between 2 and 4 p.m.

After seeing advertisements on social media or hearing about the promotion through word of mouth, students like Public Policy junior Emily Fulks decided to take advantage of the opportunity for a discounted meal.

Fulks said she saw the advertisement on a Facebook post and decided to head down to Pancheros to get some food.

“I am very hype for this burrito, because I love the guacamole they have here at Pancheros,” Fulks said.

By 2:10 p.m. — just 10 minutes into the promotion — the line had already stretched out the door and down South University almost all the way to South Forest Avenue. While the line was long, Business sophomore Siva Kodali said he got there at 1:45 p.m. and managed to move through it and get his food in about 30 minutes.  

“I mean, it’s one dollar, might as well,” Kodali said.

Similarly, Engineering freshman Robby Hermanoff saw the promotion on Instagram and said he was looking forward to a cost-effective meal.

“I’m very excited for the $1 burrito; I actually only have one dollar in my wallet so I’m hoping there’s no sales tax,” Hermanoff said.

In addition to the $1 burritos, Pancheros also offered a choice of a free T-shirt, pair of sunglasses or a string bag featuring the restaurant’s logo to customers when they got to the front of the line. The promotion was done in partnership with local sports radio station 97.1 The Ticket, according to CBS Detroit