On the Daily: FAAWN is not fawning over the deer cull

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 10:11pm

Deer cull opponents fired back at City Council members Monday night armed with LED-clad posters spelling “#SAVE THE DEER.” The protest was staged on Huron Street outside Ann Arbor City Hall coinciding with the first City Council meeting of 2018.

Approximately 16 people attended the protest organized by Friends of Ann Arbor Wildlife and Nature.

Despite the flashiness, FAAWN members viewed the protest as a somber occasion, marking the start of the three-week deer cull season. They described the event as a “vigil.”

The deer cull was established by the city of Ann Arbor in 2016 to manage local deer populations. This year the city will devote $35,940  of budget to hire sharpshooters from White Buffalo Inc. who are permitted to kill a maximum of 250 deer. The cull permit is issued by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

FAAWN member Lorraine Shapiro shared her perspective regarding the deer cull with council members.

"This is the day that I and others have been outside, hoping to see our deer — and we know our deer by how they look — one last time before they are killed,” Shapiro said to MLive. “This is the day that I wish I did not live in Ann Arbor. And this is the day you should not be very proud of yourself for your rush to kill and your disregard of public safety"

One of the chief concerns expressed by FAAWN members is the safety of those whose property is close to one of the designated shooting zones.

According to MLive, council members did not respond to the protesters, but some supporters driving by the demonstration participated by honking their horns.