MoJo Dining Hall closed temporarily due to burst pipe

Monday, December 11, 2017 - 12:28pm

Mosher-Jordan Dining Hall was closed Monday morning, announced via the MDining twitter account at 3:47 A.M.

At 5:26 A.M., the pipe had still not been fixed, and MDining tweeted that each dorm on the Hill would be serving a “continental breakfast,” with the Markley Dining Hall still in full service.

The tweet claimed the closure was due to a burst pipe. According to Director of Residential Dining Operations Erich Geiger, a hallway heater in the dorm began to flood, getting into the air vents, which then seeped over into the dining room.

“The flooding actually caused a few tiles to cave in and there was wet overhead that needs to be inspected,” Geiger said. “So there is of course a maintenance team that’s here and they’re having to cut with saws and that’s causing dust concerns, so having food out would not really work. That’s really the biggest issue— not that the flood is still going on.”

Business freshman Max Mindell, a Markley resident, was about to go to Mojo at 11:30 this morning when he received an email letting him know it was closed.

“I hadn’t actually gotten there yet but I was just about to go,” Mindell said. “I wanted to eat with my sister who I haven’t seen in a little while.”

Mindell actually received two emails about the closure— one from his dorm and one from University Housing. He hadn’t seen anything about the continental breakfast option in either of those email, nor had he heard about when the dining hall was scheduled to reopen.

According to Geiger, the maintenance team is hoping to be done with the work and clean-up in time for the dining hall to reopen at their normal starting time tomorrow.