On the Daily: No more pizza pizza

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 8:19pm

Local pizzarias Bella Italia and Pizza Pino are closing after years of serving Ann Arbor residents.

Bella Italia, owned by Jim and Katie Millan, recently announced on their Facebook page that they would be ending their business on Sept. 23. The restaurant was opened 11 years ago on 895 Eisenhower Parkway. The post received multiple supportive messages and representatives from the restaurant replied thanking them but expressing that they wanted to make a change. The Millans emphasized that while they loved running the restaurant, it required a lot of time and energy.

“My husband Jim and I owned Bella for eleven years. We have a seven year old daughter, and we decided we needed to spend more time together as a family,” Katie Millan wrote in an email. “We would like to thank the community for all their support over the years; it really was a great adventure for Jim and I.”

Bella Italia is best known for its “Ann Arbor Pizza Challenge,” promising a free 30-inch pizza to any group of three people who can finish the dish within 30 minutes. Rules stipulate that the pizza must be finished and in the players’ stomachs.

Pizza Pino shut down without warning, the exact date unknown but was reported by MLive this morning, with a note reading “closed” popping up on the front door of the Ann Arbor establishment at 221 W Liberty St. Calls to the restaurant went unanswered and its social media pages remain silent, leaving residents wondering if the restaurant is closed for good. The joint is not facing any suspensions related to safety or health concerns, and its LLC license is still active.

Pizza Pino was known for its deep-dish pizzas and variety of specialty choices.