President Mark Schlissel at a Central Student Government Assembly meeting in the Union in November 2016.
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When posters promoting white supremacy were found covering the walls of University of Michigan buildings on multiple occasions last fall, students, including Art & Design senior Keysha Wall,

Medical professor Michelle Meade discusses ways to improve healthcare for individuals with disabilities in Mason Hall on Wednesday evening.
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Medical School Prof. Michelle Meade addressed common health and health-care disparities and how to promote positive changes to the current health-care system for disabled people Wednesday night in Mason Hall.

Ann Arbor resident Kathy Griswold speaks about the importance of safe road crossings at a City Council Meeting in Council Chambers on Tuesday.
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City Council unanimously passed a resolution to enthusiastic applause Tuesday night approving funding for improvements to the pedestrian crossing on Fuller Road outside Huron High School, where a high-school student was hit by a car and 

In the months since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, marches and demonstrations have become regula

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell discusses the impact of the Affordable Care Act on students in Weill Hall on Tuesday.
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Rep. Debbie Dingell (D–Mich.) accompanied a panel at the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy Tuesday night to discuss the impacts of the Affordable Care Act.

Art and design senior Keysha Wall, a BAMN organizer, speaks in favor of increased city protection for undocumented immigrants at the City Council meeting in Council Chambers Tuesday evening.
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City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to postpone an initial vote on an ordinance intended to protect Ann Arbor's undocumented residents, citing a need to tighten exceptions originally provided in the ordinance.

The Michigan state legislature proposed to lower the state's income tax.
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After bipartisan pressure, the Michigan state legislature modified its initial proposal from one which would completely eliminate the state’s 4.25-percent income tax to one that will gradually lower the tax to 3.9 percent over four years.

Edouard Perrin, an investigative reporter for Premieres Lignes Television in Paris, discussing investigative journalism and whistleblowing at the journalism colloquium at Rackham on Monday.
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Among the panelists of the University of Michigan Knight-Wallace Fellowship panel held Monday at Rackham Amphitheatre were Bastian Obermayer and Marina Walker Guevara, two journalists who helped break the 

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The University of Michigan is slated to receive an overall 2.5 percent increase in funding — a 2.4 percent increase for UM-Ann Arbor, 3.1 percent for UM-Dearborn and 2.8 percent for UM-Flint — as a part of Gov.

The University of Michigan ranks number one in spending on research, which includes medical research.
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Ranking first in research spending among public universities for seven consecutive years, the University of Michigan's research continues to grow and diversify.

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Two of three hate crimes reported in the week following the 2016 presidential election at the University of Michigan were recently determined to be falsely reported to the Ann A

LSA student government meets in Mason Hall on Wednesday.
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LSA Student Government hosted a meeting Wednesday evening to discuss resolutions relating to the Sexual Assault and Awareness Center and increasing resources for transfer students.

In the wake of controversial emails, the desecration of prayer space a

Billionaire businessman Dan Gilbert has proposed a building at the historic J.L. Hudson site in downtown Detroit. The 734-foot tower, a few feet taller than the Renaissance tower, would be the tallest building in Michigan if erected.

If University of Michigan College of Engineering researchers continue to prototype their innovative work, you might soon be receiving packages from someone other than a mailman — instead, a robotic bird. 

Engineering junior Tania Haddad oversees the meeting in the CSG Chambers on January 31, 2017.
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During Central Student Government’s Tuesday meeting, a resolution to support the creation of a Middle Eastern and North African racial category on University of Michigan documents passed unanimously.

Last week at a trail leading into Nichols Arboretum, University of Michigan medical student Daniel Nadelman stumbled upon a dead deer.