Single Review: Kacy Hill's Foreign Fields

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 12:17pm


G.O.O.D. Music


Excess offset by artistic structure and minimalism is how I define the lifestyle, music and creative force that is Kanye West. Over-the-top performances and jaw dropping rants juxtaposed by a clean fashion line and clear  but clever — lyricism, the 2020 presidential nominee has rediscovered for our modern generation what it means to truly have a stringent vision brought into tangible fruition. Working within the template of these artistic expectations, West founded the G.O.O.D Music record label in 2004. This new project helped transform West into our modern Gertrude Stein — a creative mogul collecting a roster of similarly visionary individuals with captivating personal projects. Kacy Hill, a former American Apparel model and back-up dancer for the Yeezus tour, is one of the newer artists on G.O.O.D Music that have received Ye’s golden nod of approval.

Kacy Hill

“Foreign Fields”


G.O.O.D Music

Her first single, “Foreign Fields,” enters the eardrums with a slow, minimal and then growing beat guided by Hill’s ethereal, Kate Bush-esque vocals. Heavy breaths, claps and scratches start as tantalizing, foreign additions that reverb over the slow jazzy piano of the background. “Succumb to your youth,” sings Hill as her vocals glide from verse to verse. The song’s climax, occurring at about the three-minute mark of this three-minute-and-41-second song, feels long awaited and deserved. In a sonic fashion similar to that of James Blake, another of Ye’s approved artists, the strange simplicities merge together in some surprisingly congruent final explosion.

As Hill’s first single, “Foreign Fields” is a triumph. It’s as if the track was produced to capture an audience — a teasing, addictive first taste — that leaves many wanting more, more, more. More of the foreign, more of the slow builds, more of the Kanye paradox: The inexplicable depth of the seemingly simple.