Photo Gallery: City Walk

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 - 10:14pm

When one spends their days consumed by Zoom calls, never ending discussions posts and computer screens, it’s easy to feel trapped in a technological world of ones and zeros. This school year has been draining not only my computer battery but also my mental battery. So, I decided to procrastinate doing my homework and flee my mundane suburban neighborhood to the more urban streets of downtown Detroit. I spent hours walking aimlessly down sidewalks with no particular agenda. I let the sounds of the city around me fill my ears with mystery. I took in the architecture. I became mesmerized by impossibly tight alleyways that seemed to lead to nowhere and doors on the sides of abandoned buildings that were left ajar, almost as if awaiting the return of a human presence to close it. As I took pictures of the mini metropolitan around me, I saw the impacts of urbanization and gentrification that exist in downtown Detroit. New expensive but “trendy” restaurants. Ancient buildings occupied by people who might not respect their history. Those same buildings being attacked by construction workers. I see these artifacts around me: decaying pay booths, forgotten graffiti, boarded windows. And I photograph them to remember the history of the beautiful city that once stood here and the whiteness that destroyed it.

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