Jam session: Indian classical music

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 12:02am


Welcome to our first jam session of the season. Indian classical music is known for its breadth and versatility. On this episode we have three singers from the Michigan Sahana, the Indian classical music and dance organization on our campus. Our episode delves into the differences and similarities of two types of Indian classical music, Hindustani and Carnatic.

One of our three singers is Isha Bhatt (she/her), who studies electrical engineering and sings the Hindustani style.

Our second is Sriva Raghavan (he/him), a masters student and Carnatic singer. Our third is Krithika Balakrishnan (she/her), who studies mechanical engineering and also sings Carnatic. Isha’s music account can be found on @ishakmusic on Instagram, and her women in STEM account is @realsteminist.

This jam session is divided into three parts, the first which is explanatory, second performatory, and third exploratory. Michigan Sahana has their fall show, “Panchabhootham: The Five Elements,” on Nov. 8 at Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, 7:30-9:30PM. If you are interested in contacting them, email michigansahana@umich.edu.