Quidditch in action
STEM Saturday
Vic Mensa performs at Hill Auditorium on Saturday.
Zach Moore/Daily

Rapper and comedian Lil Dicky and Chicago rapper Vic Mensa took over Hill Auditorium Saturday night with back-to-back sets. While the two performances were very different from each other, they both provided high energy, outstanding performances.

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Michigan Izzat performs at That Brown Show at the Michigan Theater on Saturday.
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The Michigan Daily's photo staff presents their photos of the week for March 25-31, 2016 photos from That Brown Show, African and Korean art interaction, and a balancing bike act. 

Chelsea Clinton speaks with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, the doctor whose findings forced the state government to address the Flint water crisis, on a trip to Flint, Michigan on Thursday.
Mazie Hyams/Daily

The Michigan Daily's photo staff presents their photos of the week for February 5 - 11, 2016 featuring shots of Chelsea Clinton's visit to Flint, Michigan, a protest that calls for the arrest of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, and stress relief activities during CAPS Play Day.


Of the 43,651 students at the University in 2015, this is who they are and who you might meet here.

Stevie Wonder performs at Joe Louis Arena as a part of his "Key of Life" tour on Saturday.
Marina Ross / Daily

Stevie Wonder took the stage at Joe Louis Arena Saturday as a part of his "Key of Life" tour, just over a year since his last show in Michigan. He played all of the songs on his double album, Songs in the Key of Life, along with a mix of some of his greatest hits for his encore.

Students celebrate Holi, a Hindu festival that celebrates the beginning of spring, at Palmer field Sunday.
Evan Aaron/ Daily

The Michigan Daily's photo staff presents their photos of the week for April 1-7, 2016 including photos from the Hindu celebration of Holi, Festifools, and Take Back the Night Ann Arbor.

(Uninformed) Daily staffers fill out their March Madness brackets. 


Dance 2XS performs at the NewMICH Speak Out on the Diag on Monday.
Ava Randa/Daily

The Michigan Daily's photo staff presents their photos of the week for March 18-24, 2016 photos from a hip-hop summit, The Vagina Monologues, and Brandon Stanton, the creator of "Humans of New York."

LSA sophomore Audrey Kim places a carrot in her snowman during the first snowfall of the season at Palmer Field this Saturday.
Grant Hardy/Daily
Elephant Revival, a folk group from Colorado, performs at The Ark on Tuesday
Zoey Holmstrom/ Daily
Elephant Revival, a folk group from Colorado, provided soothing vibes at The Ark on Tuesday. The group played rustic and calming tunes from their previous albums and included a new song not yet heard by the public.
The Avett Brothers perform at Hill Auditorium on Friday
Robert Dunne/ Daily

The Avett Brothers performed at Hill Auditorium on Friday.

Kinesiology junior Drew Ohlrich, Business junior Conor Irwin and LSA junior Jake Glaser light their candles after a prayer for their injured Phi Kappa Psi fraternity brother, Business junior Taylor Janssen on the Diag on Monday.
Claire Abdo/Daily

The Michigan Daily photo staff's photos of the week for October 23-29, 2015.

Ann Arbor resident Chris Liu, known by his barista name Butch Lao, prepares coffee for customers at Comet Coffee on Wednesday.
Virginia Lozano/ Daily
Leon Bridges performed his debut album “Coming Home” at The Majestic Theatre in Detroit on Saturday, October 24. Bridges sang a collection of songs reminiscent of ’50s soul music with timeless lyrics.