Arts, Interrupted Podcast: Hot Takes

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 8:00am

In this episode the Arts, Interrupted team get spicy — real spicy. In “Hot Takes” the team subtly rips off Sean Evans of First We Feast and his series “Hot Ones,” where Sean traditionally has actual celebrity interviews. This includes, but is not limited to, Shaq, Danny Brown and Natalie Portman. Although our publicist tried, we couldn’t actually get anyone that had a semblance of fame — so we settled for each other, which is objectively better. Also, much like First We Feast, we cheffed up our own sauces to make things more interesting. Sorry to all the loyal pod fans, but the big cartel page won’t be up any time soon. But if you’re interested, hit Will Pederson up with a DM on twitter (@nochillwill1) and maybe even give him a follow. Hahaha just kidding! Unless….?

We started up with some Franks and Sriracha, but as the sauces increase in temperature, our takes follow suit, consequently leading us up to the infamous Mad Dog 357 — which really knocked our socks off. These takes go anywhere from whether pop culture icons are overrated to the confusing nature of the vsco girl meme. We even discussed the unspeakable topic of Fila Disruptor (2’s). Whether or not the hot sauce helped with the discussion is up to you, but there was definitely quite the surprise in the end. But we don’t want to give away too much about the episode, you’re just going to have to find out. 

There’s even something for you ASMR fans with all the chewing clips; we tried to get them out, but they just won’t go. Listen to episode four of season four to hear the team almost die (not clickbait) from some sauces that might be a tad too spicy. We hope you enjoy it a little more than we did!

Songs used in this episode in order of appearance:

  1. Help — The Beatles

  2. Hot Knife — Fiona Apple

  3. Under Pressure — Queen

  4. Baby Hotline — Jack Stauber’s Micropop

  5. HOTTIE — Brockhampton

  6. (Eat Shit) We Did It — Born Ruffians 

  7. Sweet Relief — Kimbra