Arts, Interrupted Podcast: Comfort Consumerism

Sunday, November 29, 2020 - 8:31pm



As the weather gets colder and we once again must spend most of our time indoors, the need for quality comfort media is greater than ever before. It’s something that you can watch or listen to to forget about literally everything else in the world, if only for 22-44 minutes at a time. Comfort media can come in all different forms: music, TV shows, and movies, and everyone has their own go-tos. On the latest episode of Arts, Interrupted, recorded right before Thanksgiving break, the team hopped on a call to talk about this unique branch of pop culture. They got into the big questions: what about a show or movie makes it comforting? Why do we engage with this content, what are we looking to get out of it? And even more questions, that you probably don’t even care to know the answer to.


Before they got into the nitty gritty, the gang got into another kind of nitty gritty and dished about the worst piece of media that they’ve hooked up to. Some of the most notable results were Paddington 2, Hot Rod, and of course, Fast and the Furious 2. Something about sequels, it seems.


After everyone got to know each other way too well, the elusive quandary of what makes a good comfort TV show was tackled. It seems that escapism, especially to different time periods like in The Crown, was an important factor. For others, if a show could make you feel better about yourself in comparison to the characters, such as It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.


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In terms of movies, nostalgia was the name of the game for just about everyone. Romantic comedies with high production values, such as Moonstruck or anything starring Hugh Grant were also favorable.


Nostalgia factor hit the hardest with music, as the gang talked about how they would turn to music that they associate with certain times in their life to try to spur some positive feelings. 


If anything, we hope you at least got some good recommendations for things to watch over winter break (which will indeed be four times as long as Thanksgiving break). 


This was the last episode of this season for Arts, Interrupted, which means it’s time to bid farewell to our fearless leader, Sam Small. She’s turned Arts into something pretty special, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.


This episode was brought to you by executive producer Sam Small, senior editors Emily Ohl and Max Rosenzweig, content producers Avin Katyal and Max Schabel, audio producers Ben Schrier, Sam DuBose, and Will Pederson, and audio engineer Spencer Harris. Thanks for listening, see you next year!