The 2020 Election - Part 1

Monday, November 2, 2020 - 10:36am



Pass the MiC is back… just in time for a presidential election. This week, the team has put together a montage Q&A with students from around campus. Join guests Cecelela Tomi (she/her), Maleny Crespo (they/them), and Chase Marshall (he/him) as they dive into their thoughts on the election, from voting to the future after. 


Our guests give us the full rundown of their feelings on and for Tuesday’s election. They talk about the candidates, their cons (and the occasional pro), as well as their fears, hopes, and predictions for the results. Cecelela provides some perspective on voting, who gets to do it, and why it’s an important tool, while Maleny and Chase acknowledge the comparative lack of impact it provides on its own. They finish up with some final thoughts and questions: What comes next? How can we find hope?


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Keep an eye out for part 2 of our election content, which will explore some of the questions posed by our guests today, as well as some other common concerns that have been floating around.


This episode was hosted and produced by Rashika Rao, edited and engineered by Victor Imbo, and audio produced by Joshua Thomas and Amananth Khandekar. The content producers for this episode were Camille Moore and Phoebe Kim.


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