Latina Enough

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 8:17am


Jorge Aguilar for Unsplash

My eyes are hazel

You’re not Latina enough


My hair is thin and light brown

Still, not Latina enough


My skin is white

Not at all, Latina enough


I was born in America

Definitely, not Latina enough


My body is pear shaped

Can’t be Latina enough


I speak Spanglish

For sure, not Latina enough


I don’t like too much spice

Seriously, you’re not Latina enough


In everyone’s mind

I am not Latina enough


I do not check off the stereotypical boxes

Of being a Latina


But, en mi corazón y acciones

I am Latina enough


In white spaces, I empower mi gente


When they are not included, I make spaces for mi gente


When they are mistreated, I stand up for mi gente


When it is difficult for them to speak English, I translate for mi gente


I will always stand con mi gente


Therefore, I am more than Latina enough