I Am Change

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 9:44am

Symbolism of Roots and Identity

Symbolism of Roots and Identity Buy this photo
Courtesy of Ekostories

I Am … What I Am … and can become, who I aspire to Be

I am from an abandoned industrial city, where the smog clogs the lungs of those who cannot yet speak. Yet, the city is alive and well, or at least that’s how it appears to be …

I am, what I am… made in the image of the original being … I am a Black American, with West African and colonial roots. … Two worlds combined but suppressed to hide the true beauty and pain of one’s nature and roots …

I am from a community in which society labels me as a thug … but yet, in reality, my truth speaks volumes of my purpose, while my character speaks volumes of the communities in which I serve.

I am from a city that is similar to the abandoned, left-behind city of Detroit … yet my spirit lives on, just as the spirits of the residents of Detroit do.

I am the Change, that I aspire to see …