Daughter of the Nile

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 6:46pm

My tears flow like yours

As does my blood when you cut me

Tearing the color off my skin

Slicing the culture off my clothes

Scraping the accent off my tongue

I tell you the Nile flows through my veins

My hands as textured as papyrus

My skin as brown as the desert sand

And my hair as black as the kohl

That my ancestors invented

And you took as your own

In ways I was never taken as your own

I scream at you

Just because you insist

The opposite of light is dark

Doesn’t mean

The opposite of dark is right

With the grace of my ancestors

The pharaohs of vast empires

Prospering ages before yours

I grow where I was planted

And I’ll let you cower under my branches

While my roots dig deep

Into the banks of the Nile