Quick Hits with Tony Calderone

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 1:28pm

Sophomore forward Tony Calderone likes to shoot the puck. And that was on full display this past weekend during the home-and-home Ohio State series.

Calderone’s nine shots led the Wolverines in that category. He also led the team with three goals. His 96 shots on the season slot him in third on the team, behind junior forward Tyler Motte and freshman forward Kyle Connor, respectively.

Heading into this weekend's series against Penn State, Calderone agreed to join the Daily for this week’s edition of Quick Hits.

The Michigan Daily: You shoot the puck a lot according to the stats. Do your linemates ever get angry with you for shooting so much?

Calderone: (Laughs) No. They haven’t said anything yet, at least. I like to think they give me the puck so I can shoot it.

TMD: (Junior defenseman) Michael Downing seems to shoot a lot on the power play. Do you talk to him about that?

Calderone: (Laughs) On our power play, we like to get the puck to the net, and I think he does a good job with it, so I can’t get on him about it too much.

TMD: When you got here this season, you were paired with two freshmen. Was that an insult?

Calderone: Not an insult. They both had impressive track records coming in, so I was excited to play with some fresh guys and show them the way.

TMD: Who would you least like to room with on the road?

Calderone: (Sophomore forward) Dexter Dancs. I live with the guy, and he’s a pretty obnoxious roommate.

TMD: Why? Because he is dirty?

Calderone: No. He’s just loud. He plays music a lot. He just is loud.

TMD: Why do you think (senior netminder) Steve Racine has his own room on the road?

Calderone: He needs to stay mentally focused. He’s a guy who, if he has too many distractions, he could lose focus.

TMD: How would you describe (junior forward) Max Shuart?

Calderone: He’s an all-star. He does everything. The guy can do everything.

TMD: He seems to have that one facial expression all the time. Is it that way off the ice?

Calderone: Oh yeah. He’s always got the “I’m an all-star” look.

TMD: (Sophomore defenseman) Cutler Martin was a forward once again this weekend. How’d you like that?

Calderone: He did well. He’s played that fourth-line role, hitting guys, shooting the puck. He adjusted to it pretty well.

TMD: You were the first pick of the United States Hockey League draft back in the day. What was that like?

Calderone: It was cool. (My family) was watching the draft on our computer and my named pop up, and it was awesome. It was a big deal for my family, especially because I was out the year before.

TMD: You grew up in Michigan. Did you play on that travel team with all the kids on this team?

Calderone: I played on Victory Honda with Shuart, Cutler, (sophomore forward) Niko Porikos, (sophomore forward) Alex Talcott and (freshman goalie) Chad Catt.

TMD: You must’ve been good.

Calderone: We went to the state finals and we had norovirus, so we had just six people on the bench. I went to the hospital for four days. It was a mess.

TMD: So when the norovirus came back to Ann Arbor, what were you thinking?

Calderone: All the guys, we joked, “Not again, not again.” It was horrible.

TMD: Does it surprise you that (freshman defenseman) Joe Cecconi would tell his grandfather to put more money on his debit card during the norovirus outbreak because “Ferraris can’t take regular fuel”?

Calderone: It sounds exactly like something he would say.

TMD: Is there anything else we should know about you?

Calderone: No, I think I’m pretty clean — not too much dirt on me.