College Republicans officially endorse Trump-Pence ticket

Sunday, September 18, 2016 - 7:00pm

The University of Michigan’s chapter of College Republicans released an endorsement of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his vice-presidential candidate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, on Sunday.

In a statement, the chapter’s president, LSA junior Enrique Zalamea, wrote though not all Republicans agree with everything Trump has said, the chapter chose to endorse him because Trump’s beliefs best align with the conservative ideals the chapter upholds.

“I know that some you may not agree with all of Mr. Trump’s statements and policies, but the campaign is not about one person,” Zalamea wrote. “Mr. Trump in the White House comes with an entire administration of conservatives that, as Republicans, share many of the same ideals that we would not see represented under Clinton’s presidency. And any vote not for Trump is a vote for Clinton.”

Mirroring a nationwide trend among some GOP officials, several campus College Republicans groups have declined to endorse Trump, though it is customary for them to endorse the nominee. Harvard Republican Club refused to endorse Trump in August, the first time the group refused to endorse a republican nominee since 1888.

The UM College Republicans’ endorsement comes several months after Trump was officially selected as the nominee at the Republican National Convention in July. It is also later than other endorsements on campus from political groups — the University’s chapter of College Democrats endorsed Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, on July 12 in a Facebook post after Clinton’s Democratic opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) dropped out of the race and endorsed her.

“College Democrats at the University of Michigan is proud to officially endorse Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for President,” the post read. “Secretary Clinton is a historic candidate, steadfast progressive, and — to echo President Obama: ‘There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary, ever, and that's the truth.’”

Along with endorsing Trump, Zalamea also urged students to vote straight-ticket for other conservative candidates to make a difference on all levels of government.

“Regardless of your views on Mr. Trump, I encourage you all to make the effort to go to the polls and vote down-ballot Republican for your state and congressional candidates,” he wrote.