From The Daily: In solidarity with the survivors of Larry Nassar

Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 6:45pm

Over the past week, more than 160 brave women and girls stood in a courtroom in Lansing and valiantly faced their abuser, Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor. The court and the country listened closely as the survivors told their victim impact statements, each more powerful than the last, spelling out a disturbing pattern of sexual abuse that spanned three decades. As the last day of the trial came to a close Wednesday,  Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced Nassar to serve 40 to 175 years in state prison after he carries out his 60-year federal sentence for child pornography. After 20 long years, Larry Nassar’s time is finally up.

We, The Michigan Daily Editorial Board, as the student voice of the University of Michigan, stand in solidarity with the survivors of the horrific abuse by Larry Nassar and admire their fierce strength and bravery. We condemn the institutions that let them down. Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee all had a duty to protect these young women, but their inaction allowed Nassar’s abuse to continue far longer than it had to. We must hold these institutions — and all those who enable abuse — accountable. By so bravely sharing their stories, the survivors brought abusers to justice and have set a precedent that there is no tolerance for sexual assault.



The Michigan Daily Editorial Board