Students, towing company report several vandalized tires in Kerrytown

Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 5:35pm

Students and residents in the Kerrytown area woke up to flat tires Saturday morning following a wave of vandalism that occurred Friday night.

A number of vehicles in Kerrytown — which spans past the north area of the University of Michigan campus — reportedly had been tampered with, specifically the vehicles’ tires.

Brewers towing company has answered most of the calls to tow cars and add air to tires, employee Christina Simon said.

"It’s been absurd with the amount of calls that we’ve had. From what I’ve been told from my drivers is somebody has been going around and vandalizing people’s cars,” Simon said. “They’ve been messing with you guys’ (valves) and trying to either remove them or mess with them and it’s been getting people with flat tires.”

LSA junior Ethan Cole saw two of the tires on his roommates’ car were flat, which prompted him to go check his own.

“(My roommate) had two tires that were completely deflated,” Cole said. “We don’t exactly know what the cause of it was and that prompted us to check my car, which is further up the driveway and I noticed that three of the tire valve caps had been removed, just letting the air flow out.”

Simon included there have been many calls for different reasons. While the tires didn't appear to be slashed, many were flat.

“But we’ve done at least 15 calls, half of which were either tire changes or add airs, and the other half of them actually needed to be towed because there’s been way more than one tire flat on the cars.”

The Ann Arbor Police Department was not releasing any additional information at the time of publication.

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