Crass and racist scavenger hunt circulates campus

Friday, April 27, 2018 - 11:33am


Emma Richter/Daily

A long list of scavenger-hunt items quickly went viral Thursday when a student posted the list, featuring a racial slur, alongside numerous sexual acts, on Facebook. The Facebook post currently has 60 shares and 140 likes. The list has not yet been claimed by any Greek community. The student who posted it claims the list is associated with Alpha Epsilon Pi but several AEPi brothers said they have no knowledge of the list.

Jonathan Pierce, a former international president of AEPi and its current media spokesperson said AEPi is in no way involved with the list.

“Alpha Epsilon Pi did not sponsor the ‘Elite Bar Crawl’ and any statement otherwise is a complete falsehood,” Pierce wrote. “Neither the fraternity, nor a member, wrote the list of items for the scavenger hunt containing racist language. Any member of the fraternity who may have participated in this event did so as individuals (and we do not condone that behavior).”

Pierce went on to explain AEPi has always had strong Jewish values and would never condone such behavior.

“As a Jewish fraternity, we are very sensitive to hatred and bigotry and AEPi absolutely condemns such actions and words,” Pierce wrote. “The fraternity is embarrassed that our name is associated, however mistakenly, with any such language.”

The list, titled “Elite Bar Crawl,” says a task is only complete when three people have done it. Tasks include anything from sexual acts like “Get a blumpkin” or “Hook up with three girls consecutively,” to acts of public indecency like “Pull your dick out in a bar and do the helicopter” or “Naked lap around Landmark (through the parking lot).”


Courtesy of Casey Jong

The University of Michigan student who posted the picture online, Casey Jong, a third year student in the RC studying Comparative Literature, explains she obtained the photo from a group message.

“It’s common knowledge that senior bar crawls are popular within Greek life, and there is mention of a sorority on campus on the list, so the picture on its own points to activity within Greek life,” Jong wrote. “Some of the folks in that group message were in AEPi, including the person who sent it, so we can be sure of at least some level of involvement and complicity from the frat’s members. The people on the list whose names are blacked out are affiliated with the fraternity as well.”

Jong was most concerned with the racial slur near the bottom of the list. In a public Facebook post, Jong expressed her concern regarding the matter and called for repercussions from the University.

“Aside from the vulgarity and name-dropping (blacked out) on the list, the inclusion of racial slurs (to be uttered by white people) as part of a University-supported fraternity's activity is completely unacceptable,” Jong wrote. “For this, we demand further investigation on the part of the university. If AEPi or any others are confirmed to be responsible for this list, we demand serious repercussions or even the removal of the fraternity from campus beginning in the fall.”

University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald also responded to the list, reiterating that the University does not condone this behavior and is working to find the creators of the list, as well as take disciplinary action.

"We are aware of this disgusting scavenger hunt checklist and are working to identify those who may be responsible," Fitzgerald wrote. "Incidents of sexual harassment or bias will not be tolerated at the University of Michigan. At U-M we are committed to creating and maintaining a respectful and welcoming environment for everyone. This information has been reported to the university’s Bias Response Team, the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Greek Life, and we intend to take the strongest action possible against any members of our community who are determined to be responsible."

In a press release, IFC addressed the bar crawl, stating the list does not reflect the values of IFC.

“The Interfraternity Council unequivocally condemns this action and hopes that those responsible are addressed accordingly," the press release states.

IFC explains the identities and affiliations of the creators of the list are unknown and investigations are ongoing, but IFC will continue to help address this issue.

“No matter who is responsible, this action is not indicative of the efforts put forth by member-chapters of the Interfraternity Council,” IFC wrote in the press release. “Our member-chapters are founded on values of brotherhood, service, leadership and personal development. These actions clearly have no place in our organizations or community. As investigations continue, the Interfraternity Council will continue to serve as a resource for the Division of Student Life to assist their efforts.”

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