Yeezy sure taught us

Sunday, September 27, 2015 - 12:41pm




With September and New York Fashion Week midway, fashion designers are entrenched in drafting ideas for the Fall/Winter season. Kanye West is no exception.

Mr. West is no stranger to the realm of fashion. By following his career, fans can easily see how well the rapper adheres to trends, from risky pink Polo shirts to the luxurious Saint Laurent Paris aesthetic. To further pad his resume, Kanye worked on sneaker collaborations with Nike and Louis Vuitton, and a full Jedi-inspired line for A.P.C.

In more recent news, Kanye also shifted to working with adidas, already releasing the overly hyped and immediately sold-out low-top Yeezy Boost 350 and high-top 750.

Now, the rapper-turned-designer hints at a looming release date with pictures of his SEASON 1 line being covered by various publications. In what seemed to be an attempt at promoting his line, Kanye was eager to cover his foray into fashion during interviews. In them, Kanye lamented the previous inaccessibility of high fashion looks. He praised H&M and Zara for attempting to eliminate the tell-tale signs of wealth through clothes. Mr. West then expressed his desires for designing an affordable line. In such a manner, not as well-off fashion aficionados could have the taste of luxury without paying premium prices. He elaborated and claimed that in time, even his sneakers would be available for purchase to anyone who wanted them.

Unfortunately, Yeezy lied to us.

As fall slowly crept up, Kanye gave an exclusive look to publications of YEEZY Season 1’s designs. While these military-inspired designs have been well-received, the price tags have not. The only ways to cop pieces from this line are to either be born obscenely rich (see: trust fund baby), or max out multiple credit cards and carry a mountain of debt with you for the unforeseeable future. For instance, in the men’s line, a homeless-core destroyed sweater is ¥272,500, or approximately $2,260 (at the time of writing 120 Yen ≈ 1 USD). The cheapest piece in the men’s line is a ¥19,500, or $160, tank top. It appears that Kanye, with his fulfilled dream of breaking into fashion design, got carried away.

If this blatant lie were not enough, adidas issued a statement that “only a very limited number of people who want [Yeezys] will be able to get them.” They further stated that since adidas has the opportunity to re-produce a cool and exclusive image, they are, of course, going to exploit the hell out of it.

With all this buzz, Kanye also capitalized on the moment, throwing in a last-minute pitch into New York Fashion Week and stepping on designers’ toes in the process. SEASON 2 was unveiled this past Wednesday on Sept. 16. If the prices remain constant, it looks like the only trendy adidas piece I’ll be rocking are my Stan Smiths. Yeezy sure showed us.