UofMixtape: 'Midterm SZN'

Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 5:56pm
For most of you, midterms are here. It's that time to try to learn all the material from slept-through lectures and not drop the hint you skipped them in office hours. If they have passed, it's probably time to admit that you needed to do some studying prior to the week of the midterm. Make the trek to your study space. Try not to make eye contact as you walk through the stacks to find an open cubicle, sit down in the law library and get glared at for sneezing or just give up on getting some peace and quiet and head to the UGLi.
Considering you'll take any excuse to get your focus off of your scribbled-down flashcards, you'll need something to distract you from those shuffling of papers and that guy who you swear is watching you studying until you look up at them. Below is a list of background songs to make sure you keep memorizing those formulas you'll forget the second you walk out of the test.