'Supernatural' season 11 finale: 'Alpha and Omega'

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 1:14pm


The CW


Well, it’s time for another “Supernatural” season finale. So, you know what that means: time to jam out to “Carry on My Wayward Son” by Kansas. “Alpha and Omega” begins on the tail of Team God’s loss to Amara (Emily Swallow, “The Mentalist”) in the previous episode.

Sam (Jared Padalecki, “Gilmore Girls”) goes to check on Chuck (Rob Benedict, “Masters of Sex”) and Dean (Jensen Ackles, “Smallville”) does the same for who he believes to be Lucifer, only to discover that it’s Cas (Misha Collins, “24”). Amara has pulled Lucifer out of Cas, but whether or not Lucifer is dead is unclear (so he may show up in another season). Dean is happy to have Cas back. Chuck, meanwhile, confirms that he’s dying and the only one who can fix him is Amara.

Rowena (Ruth Connell, “Sienna Burning”) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard, “White Collar”) reconvene with the group after the fight and, after a nonsensical comment from Cas to reaffirm his return (of course dogs eat breakfast, Cas), Rowena encourages them to look outside. Not only is God dying, but the sun is now dying too, casting an eerie red glow.

Somewhere in England, an active Woman of Letters named Toni (Elizabeth Blackmore, “The Vampire Diaries”) has heard the news about the sun and knows the Winchesters are to blame. She had been tracking their work and this is the final push her division of the Men of Letters needs to send her stateside. She says goodbye to her son and leaves.

The group returns to the bunker to regroup, but Dean is more interested in getting drunk. He is feeling overwhelmed, uncertain how he can be expected to fix the sun. Crowley has a similar idea, only he breaks into the Winchester’s stash of stronger alcohol. Rowena spends her time trying to make tea (not that Sam and Dean know where the teapot is) and flirting with Chuck. Dean, for some reason forgetting about the stash of hard liquor, decides to make a run for more booze and he invites Cas along. I suspect he used the need for alcohol as an excuse to have a chat with the recently returned angel.

Sam is frustrated that everyone seems content to go quietly into the night. He wants to work on a plan B. Chuck explains, since he’s dying, it wouldn’t do any good to lock away Amara because the balance between light and dark would be ruined anyway. So, Sam decides that plan B is to kill Amara.

In the car, Dean asks how Cas is doing, since he had just been through an ordeal (having been possessed by Lucifer for so long). Cas is upset that he made the wrong choice in saying yes to Lucifer because Lucifer ultimately failed. Dean, despite spending the season calling Cas an idiot for the decision, in this moment chooses to reaffirm Cas’s choice. He says it was the smart choice to make, and it was impressive Cas was able to do what needed to be done. He says he knows he and Sam would never be selfless enough to make that choice. He also reassures Cas that, despite the fact that they don’t always show it, he and Sam not only appreciate all Cas does for them, but they consider him a brother. It’s something Cas needed to hear after having been recently called expendable and facing an ongoing struggle with self-esteem.

Dean and Cas don’t make it all the way to the liquor store before Sam calls them back to find a way to kill the Darkness. Chuck says it may be possible to destroy Amara with enough light, but it would take the brightness of 10,000 stars going supernova. Cas suggests they use souls, since each soul is as powerful as 100 suns. Rowena promises to use the souls to build a bomb. Cas goes to ask Heaven, Crowley goes to raid Hell, and Sam and Dean go ghost hunting. They take out multiple ghosts with stunning coordination and a “magic word.”

Amara, meanwhile, spends her time watching the sun die in a garden. She’s upset to discover every plant she touches dies beneath her fingers. She spends some time with an elderly woman (Barbara Wallace, “The Flash”) who gives her some perspective on life and family.

Sam and Dean return from their ghost hunt to discover both Cas and Crowley were unable to procure more souls. Luckily, Billie the Reaper (Lisa Berry, “Continuum”), is willing to provide all the souls they need. It turns out that she doesn’t particularly want Amara to win either. There’s a slight hiccup in the plan though. The person who brings the bomb to Amara won’t just be holding the bomb, it will be part of them. There’s only one person who Amara will let get close to her: Dean.

Rowena shoves the soul bomb inside Dean’s chest, turning him into a literal ticking time bomb. His last request is to visit his mother’s grave. Then he says his goodbyes. (Chuck damn it if they don’t start playing the “Americana Theme,” the one they always play when something emotional is happening. Rude.) First, he thanks Cas for everything he has done for him and makes him promise to look out for Sam. Cas goes so far as to offer to go along with Dean and die at his side. The way his smile fades during their hug is all kinds of heartbreaking. Then he hugs Sam, finally admitting that he totally does love chick flick moments. Just like he did when he went to hell in season three, he passes on the keys to the Impala to Sam, and Chuck teleports him to Amara.  

The rest of the gang all go to one of Crowley’s favorite bars. It’s closed because of the end of the world, so they raid the bar. Gerry and the Pacemakers’ “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying” plays sadly as they sit and wait for the fight to end, waiting for Dean and Chuck to die.

Amara is waiting for Dean, and he doesn’t fool her for a second. She knows he’s a bomb, but she doesn’t think he’ll be able to hurt her since he never had before. She says the death of the sun isn’t because of her, it’s because God is dying. Dean assures her that Chuck doesn’t actually want her dead. She admits that she didn’t want to kill Chuck either. She just wanted to hurt him how he hurt her. Dean understands, explaining that revenge feels good short-term but it doesn’t last. He believes Amara needs her brother the same way he needs his. Dean begs her to try to forgive, because if he blows the bomb, it may kill them both and not save the world at all. He asks her what she really wants. The answer is her brother.

She teleports Chuck to her and Dean. Amara explains how she felt jealous of Chuck’s creations as God because it made her feel like she wasn’t enough. But now she understands the things he has created are actually beautiful and amazing. Emily Swallow’s acting here in particular is a real stand out. Amara and Chuck made up and agree to be a family again. She cures Chuck and, with him, the sun.

Chuck safely removes the soul bomb from Dean’s chest, and then he and Amara disappear to have a family chat. He promises Earth will be fine without god around since it has people like Dean and Sam to protect it. And then, Amara promises to leave him a parting gift as a thank you.

Sam and Cas return to the Bunker, still assuming Dean is dead and ready for the day to be over, only to discover Toni has infiltrated their home. She uses an angel banishing sigil on Cas to send him away and pulls a gun on Sam. She tells him that she has come to “take him in” because he has caused too much damage. She calls him a “jumped up hunter” who has caused more harm than good. Admittedly that’s true about the release of the Darkness, but not everything else! I mean, Sam and Dean have stopped like three apocalypses by now and he literally has God on speed dial. It doesn’t stop her from firing her gun though.

Dean, meanwhile, is wandering around trying to get his bearings. I imagine he probably left his cell phone with Sam considering he wasn’t planning on coming back. He follows a voice calling for help, and he finds his mom (Samantha Smith, “Rizzoli & Isles”) standing by her grave.