'Supernatural' season 11 episode 6: "Our Little World"

Sunday, November 15, 2015 - 5:05pm


The CW


“Our Little World” opens with a teen girl, Goldie (Eva Day, “Returned”), losing her soul to Amara (Yasmeene Ball, “The Tree that Saved Christmas”) because Amara wants to grow up like her. When Amara returns to Crowley (Mark Sheppard, “White Collar”), she has transformed into a teenager, aged 15 or 16, and she is now played by Samantha Isler (“Sean Saves the World”). Crowley is upset that she is wandering around because she isn’t up to full power yet. He makes her promise to stay in his hideaway until he believes it to be safe. The Darkness is grounded.

Sam (Jared Padalecki, “Gilmore Girls”) and Dean (Jensen Ackles, “Smallville”) are still on the hunt for soulless victims of Amara but thus far have been unsuccessful. Sam pressures Dean to call Cas (Misha Collins, “24”). Cas has been out of the game since he was cured of the attack dog curse three episodes ago in “The Bad Seed.” At first Dean is reluctant to call because he isn’t sure Cas is ready to “get off the bench” yet, but eventually he agrees that they need back up.

When Dean calls, Cas is buried deep in bad daytime television. He, too, seems resistant to the idea of involving himself. He doesn’t want to leave the Bunker at all. Dean is worried about him now, and regardless of if Cas can actually help, he convinces Cas to get a little fresh air. While Dean is on the phone with Cas, Sam gets a call from Detective Madsen (Claude Knowlton, “iZombie”). Len, the soulless man from the previous episode, was killed in prison.

Cas drags himself out of Sam’s bed and away from the TV, puts on his signature trench coat and makes it to the front door of the Bunker before he is bombarded with painful flashbacks. It becomes clear that Cas isn’t as all right as he pretends to be. He is haunted by the times he hurt those he cared about or couldn’t protect his friends. Cas clearly suffers from some serious depression and drowns it out with trash TV. He has never been more relatable.

Sam and Dean arrive at the scene to discover that Len’s death was caused by a demon hitman. While they are at the police station, Goldie is brought into custody. Suspecting they have another victim of Amara on their hands, the brothers decide to pay her a visit.

While watching local news, Cas catches sight of Metatron (Curtis Armstrong, “New Girl”) in the reflection of a car window during a story about a shooting. With a new sense of purpose, he forces himself to go outside and confront Metatron.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean catch a demon breaking into Goldie’s cell. Crowley has been sending demons to clean up after Amara. The brothers now know how to get to Amara: find Crowley, find Amara. Sam hacks into the demon’s phone and the two decide that Crowley likely has Amara holed up in a nearby abandoned Asylum. The two head out with the intent to take out Amara. Sam has reservations. He notes that they have no idea who Amara is, what she wants or if she can even be killed. Additionally, she is still a young girl and Dean has known her since she was a baby. Sam doesn’t know if they can bring themselves to kill her.

Cas finds Metatron getting footage of a gunshot victim. The neon cross in the background is a nice touch (kudos to set design for that one). Not only is Metatron using the injured man’s story for his own means, but he steals from him as well. Oh, how the righteous have fallen. But Cas is not as cruel, and he shows up just in time to save the man’s life.

Then Cas drags Metatron away from the crime scene before the police show up so that he can kick his ass. Metatron preaches about how there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. He's just embracing the times. He cries, “Religion is dead! “The novel? Deader!” But the truth is he hates being human and would rather be dead. He has nothing to hold over Cas anymore, since Cas has found the Demon Tablet and he is weak to Cas’s interrogation about the Darkness.

Sam and Dean break into Crowley’s hideout with ease and use a recording of Crowley, which they have thanks to what Sam describes as Dean and Crowley’s “summer of love,” to lure the demon guards into a trap. Sam is still trying to save the humans that the demons are using as meatsuits so what would usually be an easy fight causes him trouble. He finds himself nearly choked to death before he manages to incapacitate his assailants.

Meanwhile, Dean confronts Amara. He apologizes for the fact that he has to kill her – clearly there is some lingering affection for the baby girl that he saved – but Crowley interrupts their confrontation. Crowley admits that over the years he has had difficulty killing Dean, but this time is different. He is ready to stab Dean with Dean’s own knife, when Amara attacks him. She feels affection for Dean, and she is now powerful enough to bend Crowley to her will. Crowley agrees to spare Dean’s life and leaves.

Now alone, the tone of the conversation changes. Amara seems to be doing her best to flirt with Dean, and it is uncomfortable at best, downright creepy at worst. Dean, don’t let the 15 year old touch your face like that! Regardless of any intentional or unintentional sexual tension, it is clear there is a strong bond between the two. Amara admits that since Dean was the first of God’s creations she saw she thinks of him as a representation of both the triumph and folly of man. She finds him fascinating, and she lets him and his brother go free.

Under duress and beggint for death, Metatron admits that God’s creation of the universe took sacrifice. That sacrifice was Amara, God’s sister. Cas lets him go, still human and helpless, and returns to the Bunker to tell Sam and Dean the news. Dean isn’t thrilled that he let Metatron go, but Cas and Sam agree that Amara is the bigger threat.

With no new leads, Sam heads off to do some research. But before he can reach the books, he suffers from another vision. This one is a little more specific than the previous ones, and it becomes clear that it is not just hell he is seeing, but Lucifer’s Cage. It looks like its occupants are getting restless.