'Supernatural' season 11 episode 22: 'We Happy Few'

Thursday, June 2, 2016 - 11:33am


The CW


“We Happy Few” opens with Lucifer (Misha Collins, “24”) and Chuck (Rob Benedict, “Masters of Sex”) talking in the bunker. Lucifer isn’t happy with his father. He’s jealous that he didn’t show up for his angels, for him, but he would for his favorite humans. On top of that, Chuck has rendered Lucifer’s powers null and void when aimed at him or the Winchesters, causing Lucifer to pout like a teenager with an early curfew. Lucifer may dislike Amara (Emily Swallow, “The Mentalist”) but he’ll root for her over Chuck until Chuck comes down off his high horse and apologizes.

So, like any good teenager throwing a tantrum, he locks himself in his room — or, in this case, Sam’s (Jared Padalecki, “Gilmore Girls”) room —  and plays rock music loudly. Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles, “Smallville”) bang on the door fruitlessly trying to get him to come out and talk.

In Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard, “White Collar”) is trying to regain his popularity among the demons and reclaim his throne. He makes a speech, cumulating with “We can make Hell great again,” prompting one of the demons to burst into laughter. The demons are not convinced, and claim Crowley’s track record proves him weak. Besides, there is no point in reclaiming Hell when the whole thing will be destroyed by Amara.

Since talking to Lucifer isn’t going to work, the Winchester brothers approach Chuck, who has commandeered the Bunker’s kitchen for pancakes. He says Lucifer won’t talk to him because he won’t say sorry. Dean tries to convince him to say it even if he doesn’t mean it, because they need Lucifer on their side to fight the Darkness and time is running out.

Meanwhile in Louisiana, Rowena (Ruth Connell, “Sienna Burning”) contacts an old acquaintance named Clea (Barbara Eve Harris, “Chicago P.D.”). She needs help on a spell to send them back in time a few centuries so they can have more time to live. The witch agrees but on the stipulation that they go back to the age of Greek Antiquity.

Back in the Bunker, Sam and Dean have managed to get Lucifer and Chuck to sit down for a guided therapy session. But, instead of using an “I feel” statement, Chuck uses a “you feel” and gives what might be the most ineffective, selfish and superficial apologies I’ve ever heard, causing Lucifer to turn to the Winchesters for help. They ask Chuck to try to be a little less Lord-ly. Chuck stands by his decision to lock away Lucifer for the good of humanity; Lucifer calls it betrayal. Lucifer understands “Big Picture” Chuck was doing what he thought was best as God, but he needs Chuck to understand the “Little Picture” and how much he sucked at being a Dad.

Sam, shocking even himself, agrees with Lucifer. He says Chuck is too concerned about being in the right, but what Lucifer wants is just an apology. He explains sometimes apologies aren’t about right or wrong, sometimes they’re just about saying sorry. Dean pipes up unhelpfully to say he apologies to Sam all the time without really meaning it. The banter annoys Chuck, so he zaps them to the other side of the Bunker.

Once the two are alone, Chuck admits to Lucifer that he was his favorite creation, and he gave him the Mark of Cain because he believed Lucifer was strong enough to handle it. When he saw he was wrong, and his choice had caused Lucifer’s change, he hated himself. However, he took it out on Lucifer. He finally apologizes. The two walk out together in agreement to fight Amara. Chuck zaps the Winchesters back and explains, while they can Trap Amara, they can’t kill her because there needs to be a balance in the universe. If you get rid of either Yin or Yang, it’s the end of the world. On top of this, the two of them together aren’t strong enough to take her down.

Dean suggests turning to Crowley for help and has Chuck zap him down to hell to get Crowley to sober up. Lucifer goes to Heaven to try to rally the angels. When they don’t seem willing to help him, he temporarily allows Cas to take back his body and talk to them. His voice his so much deeper than Lucifer’s. It’s actually kind of funny, and then suddenly it’s sad, as Cas talks about how letting Lucifer use him as a vessel is destroying him. Sam goes to Rowena for help. She threatens to turn him into an actual Moose. But Rowena’s friend convinces her to try. Once they do rally the troops there’s no way to convince them to work together, besides playing “the God Card.”

Meanwhile, Amara has tracked down Donatello (Keith Szarabajka, “Star Wars Rebels”), the prophet, and sucks out his soul. Goodbye convenient plot device, we hardly knew ye. She gathers the location of Chuck and the Winchesters from his soul and teleports into the Bunker, but they aren’t there.

Crowley, Rowena and Lucifer aren’t exactly pleased to be working together considering they have all tried to kill each other at one point, along with Sam and Dean, but they’re willing to look past it to take out Amara. Mostly, Crowley is just surprised to see Chuck is God. They go over the plan of attack. Chuck drops his warding and Amara shows, the Demons, Witches and Angels attack in waves, and then Lucifer attacks. Dean, naturally, is concerned about Cas, but Lucifer assures him Cas is in agreement with the plan. Once Amara is weakened, God will take the Mark of Cain away from Amara and use it against her. More specifically, he will give it to Sam to use against it. Dean is not okay with this. Sam is worried about losing everyone he cares about and Dean is scared to let Sam take the Mark since he knows what it does to a person.

Amara is creeping on Dean’s room. Rowena, appearing to be her usual underhanded self, contacts Amara and leads her to God location. But when Amara shows up, she knows that it’s a trap. Rowena attacks with the combined power of multiple witches, but is unsuccessful. Next, Heaven sends down a smiting. She’s weak to the demonic attack, but is able to hold out. She’s battered but not beaten. She accuses Chuck of cheating, and Lucifer stabs her through her spine with a spear.

While she’s down on the ground, Chuck apologies to Amara. She says his apology is useless. She says he locked her up because they were equals and his ego couldn’t handle it. She give up, wanting God to just kill her. However when she sees his plan, she attacks. She kills Lucifer, sucking him out of Cas and burning him up, and attacks Chuck. Dean, for the first time in Amara’s presence is able to attack her and runs at her but she just tosses him away. She takes the Mark of Cain back from Sam. Then, she kills Chuck. And what do you even do when God is lying face down dead on the floor? Call Nietzsche and tell him he was right?

Amara corrects the viewers saying technically God isn’t completely gone but he’s dying and everything he created is dying with him. Rowena wakes up outside to face the end of the world.