'Supernatural' season 11 episode 13: 'Love Hurts'

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 2:26pm


The CW


Happy Valentine’s day, or as we here in the Supernatural fandom like to call it “Unattached Drifter Christmas.”

“Love Hurts” opens with a married couple getting dressed for a romantic night out. The babysitter arrives and steals a kiss from the husband, Dan (Jim Thorburn, “Paradise Falls”), while the wife, Melissa (Luciana Carro, “Helix”), is upstairs. He is getting ready to leave his wife for the babysitter. The couple go out and the babysitter, Staci (Zoe Fraser, Newcomer), settles in for a night in front of the television while the baby sleeps. While she watches, a man enters the house and startles her, then he rips her still beating heart out of her chest. It isn’t a Valentine’s episode of Supernatural unless there is a real heart involved!

In the Bunker, Dean (Jensen Ackles, “Smallville”) wanders downstairs in search of food after a drunken Valentine’s Day ‘date’ and manages to gross out both Sam (Jared Padalecki, “Gilmore Girls”) and the whole audience. It was cute when you were 25 Dean but it’s getting a little old. And frankly I wish the writers would make up their mind about whether or not Dean respects women because most of the time it seems like he does, and then he says things like “I’m doing my civic duty.” Sam presents Dean with the news article about Staci’s death and he agrees to check it out, after a shower.

The brothers suit up as FBI and question Dan and Melissa but the two don’t know anything and the only thing stolen from the house was the nanny cam. During the questioning, Sam and Dean are suspicious that Dan is hiding something. Sam heads to the morgue and the lack of claw marks allows him to rule out an ironic werewolf attack.

Dean, meanwhile, heads to Dan’s office to further his investigation away from Dan’s wife. Dan soon admits that he was cheating on his wife – or as Dean puts it “schtupping” the babysitter (What up with the Yiddish, Dean?) — and that he was the one who stole the nanny cam. He took it because he knew that the camera caught him kissing Staci, but when he watched the video he saw something that should be impossible. Dan was the one who killed Staci according to the video. But Dan never left the diner. It looks like they are dealing with a shapeshifter.

That night, Dan is killed by Staci. Dead Staci. This is a new type of shape shifter, one who doesn’t need their chosen shape alive to hold their form. Sam and Dean suspect the wife, but Melissa is genuinely distraught. She does, however, admit to knowing about the affair. After the Winchesters leave, Melissa quickly throws the remnants of a witch’s spell down the garbage disposal.

When night falls, Melissa is attacked by the shape shifter in the form of Dan. She escapes and contacts Sam and Dean. She admits to them that she did a spell in the hopes of making Dan fall back in love with her but she was tricked by the woman who gave her the spell. The spell was actually a curse and causes the spell caster and anyone they kiss to be hunted down for their heart. Melissa kissed Dan and Dan kissed Staci; the monster is working in reverse order back to the source.

Dan shows up at the hotel and when silver bullets don’t kill it, Dean kisses Melissa to shift the curse to him. The three visit “The Art of Dyeing,” the Salon where the witch Sonja (Venus Terzo, “X-Men: Evolution”) gave Melissa the spell. Once inside they discover that the shifter is actually a demon named Qareen which takes on the shape of the victim’s deepest darkest desire. The two split up in search of Qareen’s heart which they need to stab in order to kill her. Sam and Dean play a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who will go upstairs. Usually Dean loses because he always picks scissors, but this time he actually tries to beat Sam, and he does. #proudofyou. But in all seriousness, it shows character growth for Dean because he always lost on purpose in order to put himself in the more dangerous situation. By winning the game, he is in effect saying that he trusts Sam to handle himself in the more dangerous position.

Upstairs, Sam discovers the heart of the demon but is unable to stab it before he is attacked by Sonja. She says that she feels it is her duty to punish the men, and the women stupid enough to take them back. Downstairs, Dean find himself face-to-face with Amara (Emily Swallow, “The Mentalist”). Qareen does a pretty convincing job of playing Amara. She calls Dean’s feelings for Amara desire, longing, love. She asks why Dean is fighting it. Melissa arrives to distract Sonja long enough for Sam to shoot her and stab the heart. He kills the Qareen just in time to save Dean.

Back home at their hotel room, Sam asks Dean what form the Qareen took and he admits that it was Amara. Sam takes the news surprisingly calmly. He says that the fact she is his “deepest darkest desire” doesn’t make him weak or evil. Sam doesn’t think that Dean ever had a choice in the matter. Sam’s been there with Lucifer, he understands. Dean says that he wants to kill her 100% until he gets never her. He says that it’s not desire or love, but she does have a hold on him. Dean admits that he doesn’t think he can kill Amara, so it will have to be Sam. It’s refreshing to see an honest and non-judgmental conversation between the brothers, because 50% of their problems could be avoided if they did that more often.