Sh*t you should know about: Halloweek edition

Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 5:14pm


OVO Sound


I hope you all had a slimey Halloween — I know Young Thug did, after following up his September mixtape Slime Season with the creatively titled Slime Season 2 on Halloween. In true Thugger fashion, the tape includes a shit ton of tracks, some of which had already leaked. Also in true Thugger fashion, the tape still bangs. I truly don’t understand how a rapper can produce so much quality content as constantly as he does. Thug’s both the most prolific and the most relevant rapper right now. Following the first listen, “Flaws” is an obvious standout — maybe even the best track on the tape. Other favorites including “Phoenix”, “Raw (Might Just.)” and “Hey, I.”

Speaking of sticky things — slime is sticky? OK, yeah, I know that was a terrible transitionthings got a little sticky between rappers Earl Sweatshirt and Drake earlier this week. It started when Earl tweeted: “drake found kodak black? smh welp”

In case you didn’t know – because I didn’t – Kodak Black is an 18-year old Florida rapper that Drake has been paying close attention to, according to this Instagram and his recent feature on OVO Sound Radio.

But it looks like Earl’s worried that Drake’s attention might not be so good for the young, presumably impressionable rapper. After, a fan replied, “Hipster tweet,” which prompted the rapper to rebut with this: “naw bro. no hipster nothing. Drake can be a bit of a vulture on young rap niggas and I don’t want lil kodal to be a victim of it.” Did Earl just call Drake a cultural vulture? Kinda.

And these accusations are sounding all too familiar. The Quentin Miller/If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late drama with Meek Mill was pure entertainment at the time, but, in retrospect, Meek might have been more accurate than we’d like to admit. Earl went on to call Drake’s motives “self-serving” and explain that “the line between paying homage and wave riding is a blurry on.” Recently, the chatter about Drake ripping off D.R.A.M.’s “CHA CHA” on “Hotline Bling” has a lot of people questioning the rapper’s authenticity. And then, the Weeknd told Rolling Stone that he gave Drake “half of his album” for Take Care.

Part of me wants to be critical and question Drake’s motives. Does Drake exploit young rappers to maintain his relevancy or help young rappers to gain their own relevancy? Is he “paying homage or wave riding” by jumping on their songs? Because, technically, this same argument — that Drake is taking content from up and coming rappers — could be made about Migos with “Versace”, Makonnen with “Tuesday” and Fetty Wap with “My Way.” But wasn’t Drake doing these rappers a favor? I mean, the Weeknd is one of the most influential pop artists out there since his feature on “Crew Love.” Migos rules the ATL rap scene. And both Makonnen and Fetty Wap have their own strong fan bases. Drake may be a radio rapper, adapting to styles and sounds rather than creating his own, but he does it well. When’s the last time you haven’t liked a Drake song?

Tom Ford can’t tell you. He likes the rapper so much that he’s announced a Drake-inspired lipstick, as a part of his Boys & Lips collection, set to go on sale on Black Friday.

And while you’re pre-ordering the lipstick, go listen to Justin Bieber’s cover of “Hotline Bling,” originally released on a literal hotline number (231-377-1113) you could call but also just released on OVO Sound Radio. It’s fucking goooooddd. “I know you call him on his cell phone / when you couldn’t reach my love” is catchier than the Drake’s original verse. How is that possible? I know it used to be cool to hate Justin Bieber, but now that it’s cool to like him again, I’m going to take full advantage. #Bieber2016.

If you’re still in the mood to get spooky, or just want to wallow in your post-Halloween blues, blast RL Grimes’s annual Halloween mix on Soundcloud or watch Travis Scott’s “Piss On Your Grave” video featuring Kanye West; both projects will prompt chills.

But the spookiest news of all is that, congrats, you probably have herpes! According to the World Health Organization, 2/3 of us carry the virus. It just lies dormant, kind of like a zombie or a ghost! How’s that for a happy Halloween? But hey, don’t worry about it. Just make sure you don’t share your new Drake lipstick with anyone, and you’ll be fine!