A-maize-ing SMTD to capture the past, present & future

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 4:34pm

This Friday, as a part of the Bicentennial Fall Festival, the University is organizing the Third Century Expo in which “pavilions and tents filled with interactive exhibits will be representative of schools, colleges and organizations from the Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campuses.” Each school will be represented and information about its past, present and future will be displayed under the tent using a wide array of avenues like “exhibits, live performances, pop-up art and music, and displays of new technologies.” As far as the School of Music, Theatre and Dance goes, however, a tent was not the venue they chose to represent their history and artistic direction.

In an attempt to display the essence of SMTD, Jerry Blackstone, the show’s director and the school’s chair of the bicentennial committee, approached the chair of each department and asked them to put forth stellar students that would accurately represent the level of artistry and innovation of each department. The result of this careful selection of performers and music for the night’s concert.

With a combination of instrumental soloists, dancers, actors and chamber ensembles, A-maize-ing will be a dynamic showcase concert in which SMTD exhibits the incredible talent, passion and discipline of their students. As a bicentennial event, “A-maize-ing” aims to represent the history of the SMTD, as well as their direction for the future. The concert is, as expressed by Professor Jerry Blackstone, the school’s way of  saying: “here is who we are in the 200th anniversary of the University of Michigan and a little bit of where we are going because there are several new pieces, sort of adventurous pieces, as well as pieces that are older.”

As an audience member, one can expect to be surprised and continuously entertained with this wide array of performances. The concert is meant to be used as a snapshot of the artistry, so audience members can enter and chose to stay for the whole 90 minutes, or exit after only a few performances. The concert is free, and as expressed by its own director Professor Jerry Blackstone, “it’s going to be really quite wonderful.”

With “student virtuosos performing works in a variety of media,” A-maize-ing will be a once in a lifetime event, and the perfect opportunity for students, faculty, and Ann Arbor residents to inform themselves on the happenings at the school and to enjoy an amazing performance.


SMTD presents “A-maize-ing”

Hill Auditorium.

Friday October 27th 2017 @ 6 P.M.