Standing Room Only presents: Legume

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 8:55pm


They're a bunch of kids with some guitars and some reckless charisma. They're Legume, a Detroit-based band making music in line with the DIY greats that came before them — Pinegrove, Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms, to name a few. But to confine them to the specific brand of DIY rock that has been lighting up the midwest in recent years would be doing them an injustice. Because McNitt's vocals and the band's cohesive and varied sound presents talent that far surpasses your average basement band. Familiarity and intimacy are at the basis of their music, and in the end are what allow them to branch out past the genre. This is heard best on their most recent release Send Flowers. Tracks like "Police Sketches" and "Tell My Cat" open uncertainly, building as the band throws themselves behind a song. But also on their April release Brine: The intimacy of their recordings draws the listener ever closer in a kind of Daniel Johnston style. The familiarity stems from this intimacy, but also the wide range of genre-makers their music alludes to. Songs like "Sea Turtle" and "Peach Fuzz Beauty" are attractive in their channeling of Mac Demarco's beachy rock and Modern Baseball's drawling vocals. Referencing their music in comparison to other bands, however, doesn't quite hit the mark. There's an element of individuality, of the personal, of difference — in their music and their performances — that makes you think, "These kids can make it."

Check out their music here.


"Be Fine"

"Daffodil Window" (new)

"Sun Blisters" (new)

"Tell My Cat"

"Roll Yr Citruses"


Liam McNitt (vocals/guitar)

Lila Carden (bass)

Alex Murphy (drums)

Arman Bonislawski (lead guitar)


Producer: Natalie Zak, Audio Engineers: Ryan Cox and Geoff Brown, Mixing: Ryan Cox, Videographers: Benji Trosch, Eli Winer and Sean Moore, Video Editing: Benji Trosch