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“It just felt like coming home.”

Anniversary tours are no big surprise for bands who gained popularity in the early 2000s.

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For Rick Ross, there’s an eternally correct answer to sustaining the equation: Blow Money Fast.

After months of working on intricacies, perfecting details and rehearsing little bits and pieces of the show at a time, when the time to put everything together came, it was nothing short of magical.

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Today, the biggest obstacle to art therapy’s proliferation is not the negative stigma around the profession, but rather its lack of widespread exposure. For the most part, people don’t know what it is or what it does.

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'Shelter,' is a 3D audio installation, wherein a four-by-four foot cube is lined inside with dark black (faux) fur.

Mentality Magazine distributes a print issue around campus once a semester.
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Mentality Magazine has a duty to perform.


As the decades went by, reality contradicted the ideal. The average female body size grew farther and farther away from what was once considered the “perfect body.” And while average women grew in weight, models continued to get thinner, generating a wider and more terrifying gap that women starve themselves to cross.

Being a minority in America with mental health problems must be terrifying right now.

Film Writer Asif Becher debuts her first pop music column: ruminating on the omnipresent theme of desire, why it works and how it will never last forever.


Last year, “American Crime” was one of the best shows to air on TV. This year appears to be no different.

There are copious songs out there about one night stands, so it takes some creativity to craft one that really stands out.


One isn’t better than the other — that’s not the point. But, together, Buffy the TV show and the Buffy movie demonstrate the two ways teen media can excel.

Though “Deidra & Laney” clearly knows exactly what it is and never strives to be anything else, it’s hard to say whether or not it really adds much to the many options of family entertainment that are already out there.

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Achieving mindfulness can become difficult when entering college, especially at a highly competitive school like the University of Michigan.

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But me, music and mental health have always had sort of a volatile relationship.

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Daily Arts Writers discuss mental health in the coming-of-age comedy “Perks of Being a Wallflower.”


“Legion” does its best to demonstrate just how intricate mental illness can be, while managing to be entertaining and thought-provoking.

It hit me: “Symphony” is a song about frustration.

New Daily Arts Writer Aaruran "Ruru" Chandrasekhar breaks down Kanye's admiration of J Dilla's singular "warm sounds."