The B-Side: 10-27-16
Design by Ava Weiner, Julia Margalit & Anne Lynch

It was a particularly cold evening last October when I received the mark of the devil by a witch.

Stephen Rush

The experienced jazz musician and SMTD professor is set to play this year's festival.

The Getup Vintage
Kevin Zheng/Daily

The Getup Vintage is a beautiful cacophony of timeless designs.

“Midnight Diner”

As the food sizzles over the stove, the same sense of comfort that draws in his customers washes over us.

Talking Heads
Warner Bros.

When listening more closely to the lyrics Byrne is so casually spitting, though, the catchy sheen begins to ship away to reveal something more sinister.

The CW

It could easily go off the rails in a second, but, nothing in the brilliant season three premiere suggests that’s going to happen any time soon.

The frustration is palpable in her acerbic writing; she doesn’t coat her words.

20th Century Fox

The film, miserable as it is, does deserve some credit.

Drake (right)
Young Money

Does anyone want to hear Drake complain that the rap game is “all lies” and “all filthy?” Apparently so.

Art meets science through an inquisitive look at the theory of multiverse in “Constellations” by Nick Payne — a captivating and passionate love story that explores questions of fate and choice.

If people don’t understand what is being produced of departments that study humanity, they aren’t going to recognize the purpose.

Bob Dylan

Regardless of my dad’s notion that Dylan is a rapper, there is no doubt in my mind that Dylan is a writer.

Marz Léon

’4 4’ doesn’t just appease Léon’s existing fans — it pushes her into mainstream listening.

The anxiety-ridden, paranoia-driven single marked a step in a more experimental direction for the artist.


Tom Hanks returns as affable as ever to host “SNL” for the ninth time.

The CW

It looks like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is poised and ready for another season of finding love and happiness through the worst possible methods.

Is it because they’re attractive? Young? Wealthy? Clever? Talented?

With a heavy lineup of performers and presenters, this year is expected to be bigger and better than in years past.

Paramount Pictures

What used to be a term used to criticize writers and directors for using women solely as props has now become a term to demean or dismiss the women themselves.

“Black Mirror”

“Black Mirror” depicts different realities and characters in each episode, but every story connects to one another through their thought-provoking, somewhat cynical perspectives on technology.