Drake (right)
Young Money

Does anyone want to hear Drake complain that the rap game is “all lies” and “all filthy?” Apparently so.

2 hours ago

Art meets science through an inquisitive look at the theory of multiverse in “Constellations” by Nick Payne — a captivating and passionate love story that explores questions of fate and choice.

1 hours ago
“Songs from the North”
Kino Lorber

Having only heard the stories of grateful defectors, seeing the faces of those who maintain North Korea’s tense position in world affairs is shocking.

3 hours ago

‘Generic’ seems to be the word that best sums up ‘Never Go Back.’


Most TV creates the false conception that interpersonal conflict is largely built on a series of dramatic arguments.

Secretly Canadian

Based solely on lyrical content, one would think that a Whitney show could easily devolve into an intensely sorrowful affair.


If Frances is the kind of character that embodies the gritty storytelling pervasive in TV today, then shows that utilize this type of characterization need to work a lot harder to sustain our attention.

Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who blends soul, funk, hip hop and R&B to create a warm, timeless sound that’s distinctly his own.


To say “Hamilton” has exploded like no other Broadway show in recent memory might be an understatement.

The B-Side: 10-20-16
Design by Michelle Phillips & Ava Weiner

Given the calendar date, the increasingly glum faces of people on the street, and the faint Wilhelm scream my bank account makes at the sight of Espresso Royale, it’s safe to assume that Fall is here, and so, therefore, is Halloween.

Paramount Pictures

What used to be a term used to criticize writers and directors for using women solely as props has now become a term to demean or dismiss the women themselves.

3 hours ago
“Black Mirror”

“Black Mirror” depicts different realities and characters in each episode, but every story connects to one another through their thought-provoking, somewhat cynical perspectives on technology.

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“Before the Flood”
National Geographic Channel

Before the Flood” does an impressive job of showcasing the multiple perspectives surrounding climate change, as well as its real-time impacts and possible solutions.

3 hours ago

Edgefest will be filled with groundbreaking jazz performers — including those who don’t stick with a script.

Polyvinyl Records

American Football’s first release in 17 years begins softly, with a quietly crescendoing set of chimes that reverberate through the ears.

This is all to say the obvious: the media is important.

BBC Films

The documentary offers a troubled, even unsettling portrait of a young dancer’s past, present and future.

Amazon Prime

One of the peculiar consequences of streaming television is the implicit assumption of prestige.

‘Dekalog’ reveals its depth slowly, assembling each character’s situation carefully before peeling it back in layers to reveal the moral dilemma at its core.

Though we hate to admit it, our mothers are usually almost always right: eat your vegetables.