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It’s weird. It’s creepy. And, by God, is it long.

“I don’t think I would call it a political play. What I think it does so well is it presents this issue and it allows the audience to think for themselves about it. It doesn’t have a spin, it doesn’t have an idea about abortions that says: ‘Okay this is what we think, what do you think?’ You can decide for yourself.”


“The Missing” is a series that excels when it’s able to play its two timelines off of each other, letting the past inform us about the present, while changes in the present make us speculate about what happened in the past.

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This constant motion, a pursuit of restlessness and slight discomfort supports Hayes’s philosophy as a teacher of poetry.


Happy birthday, mom.

Every morning, when choosing my outfit for that day, I try to imagine Rihanna wearing whatever I’ve chosen. If I can’t, back in the closet it goes.

These aren’t inspiring narratives of romantic Midwest heroism, but songs of self-doubt and earnest reflection.

Cast and creative team of "Beyond Sacred"
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With current tensions surrounding the Muslim community at the University, Ping Chong + Company could not come to Ann Arbor at a better time.


Holmes has succeeded in capitalizing on his show’s star-studded cast to develop a program that has terrific dark humor, and it’s pure fun to follow along.

Grand Jury Music

It’s probably safe to trust James when he says to expect “a packed house, a monstrously powerful set from Post Animal and then a barn burner hosted by ya boys.”

PAX AM/Blue Note

This album is about a man telling his side of heartbreak — whether or not each track is Grammy-worthy is almost irrelevant.


Even with its beautiful performances, stunning cinematography and emotionally dense subject matter, “Julieta” leaves the viewer feeling cold.

Each of the 180 shows of NYFW demonstrated a distinct interpretation of The New York woman, and American fashion.


Its slow story rollout will undermine all that work without great payoffs.

Stephen Mack Jones has infused a real love of Detroit into every page.

This Saturday, the UMMA@SMTD partnership series will present “Elevation: New Heights in the Concert Hall,” featuring the exhibit “The Aesthetic Movement in America: Artist of the Photo Secession.”

1st & 15

Lupe said it best himself when he claimed this release as being Lasers, refined. Well, Lasers was kind of trash, and while DROGAS Light deserves more credit than trash, it’s certainly nowhere close to gold.

Let this be a lesson: Art is not immune from politics.

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It was a forceful debut, one which will foster a new era of success for Johnson.