The B-Side, Sept. 29, 2016
Design: Francesca Kielb and Katie Beukema

As fashion month comes to a close and the showgoing glitterati recovers from a non-stop jaunt around the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris, it seems an oasis of the Midwest was missing from this — and every — fashion calendar.

Claire Abdo/ Daily

As the leaves begin to change, so do the clothes.

5 hours ago
Frank Ocean
Def Jam

Admit it: there’s been a time (or 100) when you’ve found yourself to be in your feelings.

“Cruel Intentions”
Columbia Pictures

It’s absolutely absurd and absolutely incredible.

Sup Pop

Fuzz permeates, but refuses to dominate, and tracks like “Cut from the Vine” find more of the clean, singular guitar melodies that largely defined their previous releases.

The show stands in a category of its own among many reasons: a two-woman show with four characters, the experimental use of light, design, music and choreography and the modern themes of gender, sex and identity.

Focus Features

Not all films by a director — even some of the best directors — are good.

Shawn Mendes

All it took was six seconds.


ABC has added yet another series to its roster of formulaic family sitcoms, but this one’s a little different.

“Mia Madre”
Music Box Films

A woman’s struggle to balance her career and family is well-trodden ground in narrative cinema, but “Mia Madre” goes beyond the surface.

Eric Hardin and Kevin Pearson, owners of Today Clothing
Claire Abdo/Daily

Today affords its patrons a reasoned and tasteful introduction to male high fashion.

“There is a $90 coat that looks like a blanket. I want it. I make minimum wage.”

Gabriel Garzón Montano
Styles Upon Styles

As the days get shorter and my time spent in the library gets longer, I hunt for new music to get me through the (recently chillier) September evenings. This is where Gabriel Garzón Montano comes in.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Samberg’s ironic sensibility and underrated charm plays off Braugher’s deadpan perfection to create the most consistent laughs a network comedy could hope to mine.

The track shines not in its lyricism, but in the production and instrumentation.


Considering that this could be one of Lewis’s last performances, viewers and fans will want to like the movie, but it isn’t worth pretending.

Based on my observations, I find that finstas allows us to embrace our flaws, while regular Instagram allows us to hide them and thirst traps to repress them excessively.


As the series attempts to move at a fast and exciting pace, the “Notorious” pilot becomes a textbook case of quantity over quality, confusing lies for drama and power for sex appeal.

“Jane the Virgin”
The CW

I love ‘Jane the Virgin’ because it never allows people to make snap judgments about the role feminism plays in it or in the lives of its characters.

“This is Us”

Much like ‘Parenthood,’ ‘This is Us’ goes for the emotional jugular in its emotional payoffs.