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“Yo, what the FUCK was that?”

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His show at Necto certainly lived up to the hype.

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Catch up on the latest Supernatural happenings!

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Just like eating a warm, flaky dinner roll, consuming “Dough” is an extremely enjoyable experience.


While season one primarily focused on drawing in laughs with a Tina Fey-esque brand of humor that the show is so well known for, season two draws greater attention to the comedy in a silent movement for change.

Joey took me on a journey through his younger, borderline obsessive years to his current state of balance, talking about the incorporation of his house music roots into 2016’s musical landscape.

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The Bronze Elegance 2016 fashion show was bold, sexy and truly an art form.


‘Krisha’ is a film you should see alone.

Students are banding together to raise funds by showcasing the work of dance groups within the Southeastern Michigan community while drawing attention to the city of Flint.

Parquet Courts' music is full of old rock sounds, but still maintains originality, stimulating the senses all over.

The Midwest Literary Walk, which began eight years ago, has grown into one of the region's most unique and anticipated arts events.

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How many people in Pontiac would really subject themselves to the distorted wobbles and growls of UK dub, you ask? Enough to turn Elektricity into a sweatbox that left me absolutely, gleefully, drenched.

The music, costumes and sets all come together to create the ’60s, Mad Men-esque world in which Wright has chosen to set the story.


Let the dream guide you, let the picture of happiness stay mythic and imagined, don’t try too hard to re-live the finale.

Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf’s set marked several surprises through his 90-minute show that included innovative remixes of everything from Odessa and Skrillex to The Weeknd and Justin Bieber.

Whether it’s the end of summer, the end of a program, or the end of an adventure, many are the looming last stops on a life path that have been ignored by love.

One of the most exciting genre-blending compositional voices at work today is that of Sarah Kirkland Snider, whose piece, ‘Something for the Dark,’ premiered Thursday night with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

The pairing is laughably strange.

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Soon Tidal will not exist.