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All it took was six seconds.


ABC has added yet another series to its roster of formulaic family sitcoms, but this one’s a little different.

“Mia Madre”
Music Box Films

A woman’s struggle to balance her career and family is well-trodden ground in narrative cinema, but “Mia Madre” goes beyond the surface.

Universal Pictures

Bridget retains just enough irreverence to make her and her group of rabble-rousing friends feel refreshing.


Season two of the show has provoked a muted response compared to the enthusiastic acclaim engendered by its first.

Mac Miller
Warner Bros.

'The Divine Feminine' does just about everything to perpetuate Mac’s “I've Changed” narrative.

“Each piece is its own little world,” Adams said.

Secretly Canadian

However great our summer was, the ten tracks on 'Light Upon the Lake' enhanced it on another level, and they followed us everywhere, in the best type of way.

Dude Madison performs at the Blind Pig as one of the musicians promoted by What the Sound.
Amelia Cacchione/Daily

Schechter, graduating from the University in December, is the founder and sole employee of What The Sound, a music website dedicated to exposing up-and-coming artists to new listeners.

RoosRoast recently opened on East Liberty, replacing the Elixir Vitae storefront.
Grant Hardy/Daily

With closer ties to downtown and the U-M campus, RoosRoast has been the talk of the semester among coffee fanatics and caffeine addicts alike, and they have enjoyed their newfound popularity under the stress of a city that never sleeps.

“Jane the Virgin”
The CW

I love ‘Jane the Virgin’ because it never allows people to make snap judgments about the role feminism plays in it or in the lives of its characters.

“This is Us”

Much like ‘Parenthood,’ ‘This is Us’ goes for the emotional jugular in its emotional payoffs.

“The Good Place”

“The Good Place” pulls no punches in establishing an amiable yet thought-provoking idea of the world to come.


What’s special about ‘Fleabag,’ even more than its razor-sharp sense of humor and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s amazing central performance, is the way it uses formal elements to convey the unique symptoms of loss.

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The film is about selfishness and the unintended consequences that come from following one’s desires, yet it also showcases the power of love that binds people together in unbreakable ways.

The Detroit City Study is a co-learning workspace located at the University of Michigan Detroit Center, designed for people interested in engaging in academic discourses in a non-traditional way.

Apple Music and Spotify have a bunch of problems, but it’s easy to overlook them because only 10 years ago the music industry was hemorrhaging from an epidemic of illegal mp3 downloading.

“Sleeping of Jupiter” is first and foremost a book about women.

Flemish Eye/Jagjaguwar

Following a brief period of namelessness, the four-piece post-punk outfit hailing from Calgary, Alberta have returned with a glossier, more accessible sound.

Jacob clearly doesn’t listen to the right public radio.