Green Day

‘Good Riddance’ is an extraordinary simple yet brilliantly efficient megahit.

“Drunk History”
Comedy Central

He’s a man! He’s a musical! He’s an episode of Drunk History!

Ava Weiner

Virtual reality possesses the power to control, manipulate and shape our own artificial world, offering a myriad of experiences that may be deemed impossible in real life.

Andrew Brophy

Over the past several weeks, motivated by hyperactive fandom and a selfish desire to learn about the inside world of making video games, I’ve set forth on a journey to discover the best and brightest projects active in the independent role-playing game scene.

Valley 9000

I love Shakespeare-adaptation films that were clearly conceived by producers who never read more than the Sparknotes in high school — movies set in modern times with tangled romantic subplots that just barely seem to echo the old stories of the Bard.

“You can make so many different choices in your life that no matter what, at the end of the day you’re going to reach the destination.”


An exploration of the fashion industry's role in national political discourse.

We’ve become a people who have to acquire more than one skill in order to prove we can do the thing we claim to know best, the best.

“Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”
TriStar Pictures

Vin Diesel is as good as Steve Martin is bad, a surprising turn to say the least.

So, take advantage of the black expanse of each night. Let it all creep up on you. Set a brisk pace, hunker down in a coffee shop, or stare at your ceiling and just listen.

Mahler feared that if he were to try composing a tenth symphony he would somehow stumble into death, like those before him. In the end, he was right. It killed him.

I struggle internally whenever I wear Adidas Superstars.

When I listen to music while walking, I observe the actions of people hustling through the diag; I pay closer attention to the trees and how they change.


The stunning similarities between today’s advancements in science and technology and the technology in the show are the basis on which ‘Incorporated’ thrives.

It is made for the audacious kid that is still deep within all of us, itching to experience one more journey while we are still young.

Three Daily Arts Writers in various states of mind venture into the new and synthetic world of virtual reality.

John Mayer's new single "Love on the Weekend" ruminates on pleasent, fleeting romantic days.

Run For Cover

Petal's latest video release, ‘Chandelier Thief’ does a fantastic job reflecting the emotions of becoming distanced from an old lover or friend.

GOOD Music

John Legend’s fifth studio album release, Darkness and Light, does not disappoint.

Kasischke will be discussing her work with the director of the MFA Program, Doug Trevor, in a free-flowing conversational interview.