According to author Claudia Rankine, the inception of her book-length poem, “Citizen: An American Lyric,” began with the question: “How did that happen?” Something of an investigation, the poem opens with secondhand prose poetry cataloguing the lived experience of racism among Rankine’s fri

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The film, overstuffed with both platitudes and extraneous thematic vehicles becomes something of a mockery of its central idea.


Some people have even turned sneaker resale into a full-time job.

Oh Boy Records

John Prine falls somewhere in the middle here: He is celebrated among folk fans and music critics alike, but isn't widely known in the popular sphere.

The Weinstein Company

‘Lion’ is emotionally powerful and well-constructed, but doomed to a marketing campaign that directs filmgoers to see this movie because it’s an Important Movie.


‘Food & Liquor’ operates in dichotomy — rebellion and conformity, sin and virtue, optimism and pessimism, good and bad.

Vivienne Westwood

As London Men’s Fashion Week wraps up, here’s my take on some of the more exciting collections of the week.

There wasn’t a Sunday morning that went by without Norah Jones's invisible presence filling the empty seats at our table.


Tracee Ellis Ross is living proof that fun and beauty do not have to die when we turn 30.


“Apologize” made me nostalgic for things I’d never experienced.

Simon & Schuster

His presumed air of intelligence is what defines him, and ultimately reveals to the reader the unsettling nature of how this boy sees himself in comparison to those around him.

Carolina Herrera

We may not be doctors or lawyers, but that doesn’t make the fashion industry any less invested.

Colson Whitehead

Whitehead’s story is not bound by the time period it is set in, but has aspects and plot points that are derived from other, later periods of American history.


Atwood once again smoothly reveals a deftness of craft and the power that the art of storytelling has, no matter what the vehicle or venue.

Migos have a lot to celebrate at the moment.

What you have here, folks, is one hour and fourteen minutes of frustration, sadness, and longing.

When it comes to The School of Music, Theatre, and Dance’s annual Collage Concert, not a seat in the house is left empty.


After seven seasons, it’s become clear that Armisen and Brownstein have no shortage of crazy comedy to dole out.