ComCo’s ‘PMS I Love You’ show carries brilliant and wacky improv

Monday, February 13, 2017 - 3:34pm

Describing ComCo, the University’s oldest student-run improv comedy troupe, is an impossible task. In three words, I’d say: brilliant, effulgent and wacky. As one of the undergraduate community’s favorite groups on campus, I had high expectations for ComCo before I saw it for the first time in September.

When Quinn O’Connor — a freshman and new member — stood up with a straight face and said, “I like my man like I like my hat: Sitting on my face,” I knew I was in the right place. The group is currently comprised of nine inimitable and contrasting members, freshman through senior, who fit together perfectly to create this eclectic and quirky group.

“I’m in a group with eight amazing other people who are all so different in what they are studying, where they are from, and their interests,” O’Connor said. “This has taught me about getting to know and accepting people that are different from you.”

ComCo shows are a popular, once-a-month Friday night event in Angell hall. They are always packed with friends, fans and students who come anticipating an hour-and-a-half of hilarious improv comedy. Many of ComCo’s shows attract over 300 audience members, some of whom are willing to sit in the aisles if there are no seats left (something I’ll admit to doing). The community that ComCo has built at the University, both for the ComCo players and the audience members, has given students an outlet to laugh, be silly, have fun and separate themselves from the stressful academic world in which they spend their everyday lives.

Improv is such a fascinating and unique type of performance art –– it’s challenging due to its extemporaneous nature. During the shows, the ComCo players have no preconceived idea of what they will say, or what will be said. This makes for some incredibly spontaneous and serendipitous humor. I have so much respect for this group of students; not only are they hilarious, but they also must come up with all their jokes in the moment.

“I think those moments where things that you didn’t expect to be funny end up being hilarious are the best parts of improv,” said sophomore Adam Konig, who has been doing improv for six years now.

The ComCo players never miss a beat during a show, getting laughs with every bit they play. They work impeccably well together given the quick speed and impromptu nature of the scenes. In speaking with members of the group, and seeing them perform together, it is clear that the key to the popularity of ComCo is the connection between the members. They are undoubtedly comfortable with one another and have a strong familial bond off the stage.

Unsurprisingly, the cast of ComCo is just as hilarious off stage as they are on.

“Overall, ComCo has shown me unconditional love (take that, mom and dad), taught me how to accept others for who they are, and how to turn stairs into a sexual object,” added freshman Zoe Moore.

In a time when negativity and antagonism surround us, it is important to find an outlet or an escape. ComCo is a space that keeps the audience laughing non-stop from the minute they walk in the door. That feel-good, belly-laughing, brings-tears-to-the eyes kind of performance that ComCo delivers time and time again is just the kind of art we all need to be going to see.