BOAA: Best Thrift / Vintage: Ragstock

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 9:38pm


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Cameron Hunt

So it’s the day before Saint Patrick’s Day, and your get-up for tomorrow is looking absolutely pathetic. You’ve gone through your closet and picked out the little green you have — and boy, it was slim pickings. You’re starting to panic. Everyone else in your hall has planned ahead, having ordered beads, hats and headbands from Amazon days in advance, and now you’re the carless, penniless kid with no look to turn. Thank God for Ragstock.

Ragstock, located near the corner of S. Division and Liberty St., has your back. Inside, you’ll find essentials for spirit days and the everyday. Windbreakers from the ’90s? No need to raid your parents’ closet anymore. A bold Hawaiian print button-down? Sounds like an easy choice. A crop top with a graphic print, just for the occasion? It’s going to be here. Ragstock combines the convenience of its location with its awareness of fashionable thrift. The store, neatly organized by color and theme, always has something to offer. You’ll find something quicker than you think, without the minutes spent searching through disorganized racks of shirts that commemorated a 2001 Little League tournament or Great Aunt Jean’s 75th. Take it easy on yourself. Hit up Ragstock and buy something cute.