BOAA: Best Sushi: Sadako

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 10:25pm


Amelia Cacchione / Daily

Despite the fact that the midwest is not known for their sushi — one of Ann Arbor's most popular restaurants for students and residents alike is "Sadako" — an extremely popular Japanese restaurant located on South University Avenue.

Sadako's prime location, affordable options, and wide array of different sushi rolls and Japanese entrees is a testament to its consistently busy atmosphere. Backpacks litter the ground near diner's feet– as students coming from classes and the library constantly crowd the little wooden tables Monday through Sunday. The sushi bar is always bustling with business — a more casual spot for diners to sit against the sushi chefs constructing sushi roll after sushi roll.

Sadako's sushi rolls are pretty big — ranging from around four to eight dollars, meaning you get a real bang for your buck. In addition to sushi, customers also get a side salad and bowl of miso soup with their roll. In terms of the hungry college student looking for fast, affordable, delicious food– Sadako is the move. On the weekend nights, beginning around 5 p.m., students on dates, out with friends to celebrate a special event, or just looking for something to eat swarm the place, making it one of South U's not so hidden gems.

Other than sushi, Sadako has a wide array of Japanese options from dumplings and edamame to Katsu and Donburi, meaning there's something for everyone, even if raw fish isn't your thing. Sadako is a student favorite for a reason, and it doesn't take much more than a visit to the restaurant to understand why.