BOAA: Best Salad: Sava's

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 8:07pm

Sava's salad

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Alec Cohen / Daily

I hate salad. Should I be more coy about that? Probably. But in the interest of journalistic integrity, it’s important that you have all the facts. To me, salad is the depressing pile of leaves you have to eat when your friend invites you over for dinner because it would be rude not to. It’s what you order when you go out to lunch with your mom so she’ll think that you’re a functioning human adult. It’s the universe’s sad, bitter yin to cake’s delicious yang.     

Sava’s salad is the exception to that rule. Forget the wilted lettuce and lemon juice you eat at home and pretend to find satisfying; Sava’s has elevated salad to its rightful place at the center of your plate with vibrant, genuinely crave-worthy options. Try the summery flavors of their Mediterranean Shrimp and Spinach Salad, with marinated artichokes, tangy goat cheese, and succulent cherry tomatoes. Celebrate local flavors with the Michigan Apple Salad, which layers sweet apple over smokey bacon, or live out your flower-child fantasies with the Hippie Bowl, a hearty combination of tempeh, avocado, sweet potato and kale. Enjoy your salad surrounded by the clean lines and colorful tiles of Sava’s dining space, and feel like the grown-up you pretend to be in job interviews.