BOAA: Best Professor: Edward Cho

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 9:51pm

Hilarious, genuine and a little bit awkward, Professor Edward Cho is probably the only professor in the economics department that doesn’t make students wish they had picked a different major. If I could take every econ class with Cho I would because he actually makes 102 interesting. Yeah that’s right: an introductory course that doesn’t suck. With previous teaching experience at schools like Harvard and MIT as well as receiving the 2017 Golden Apple Award, Cho not only knows his shit but he’s passionate about it.

There are cat pictures in every single lecture. Every. Single. Lecture. Usually it’s his cat Munchie, and Cho will take a moment to relate some anecdote about the cat, often including meowing noises and make clawing motions with his hands at a nearby student. If you have ever had Cho, you know that Munchie is literally his best friend (it’s not sad I promise, somehow the crazy cat lady image just works for Cho). More recently, he has asked students in class to submit pictures of their own cats and just last week we spend 10 minutes learning about some girl named Megan’s two cats Ollie and Lizzie in the middle of a monetary policy and liquidity preference lecture. And the class just loves it. Professor Edward Cho’s feline fondness may just be the cutest thing you have ever witnessed. Cho breaks up the dry concepts of economics with laughter and that’s what makes him such an outstanding professor.