BOAA: Best Pizza: Cottage Inn

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 10:26pm

Cottage Inn

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Max Kuang

Pizza solves anything, but good pizza solves everything. Cottage Inn has been my pizza of choice since I arrived in Ann Arbor. It makes game days better, girls nights cheesier and Tuesday afternoons breezier. Good pizza solves everything because it puts a smile on your face, it makes your love life seem less pathetic and the world’s crises float away like the smell of oregano. The party platter is the best $25 you will ever spend and your friends will love you forever. The crust is buttery and bready with the perfect bite of chewiness. The sauce is perfectly spread and chunky with tomatoes that were probably picked somewhere in Southern Italy. The cheese, god, the cheese is so perfect. It is melty, but not the kind molten melty where you can burn the roof of your mouth and your tongue is so prickly that, for a few days, coffee tastes weird. No, it’s the best kind of melty, the orgasmic elasticity that only Cottage Inn can accomplish. The golden brown layer of crunch that forms over the cheese is like the top layer of a well-made crème brulee, like if you tap it, it’ll just explode with flavor. So whether you are happy drunk, sad drunk or totally sober and craving a bite, grab some Cottage Inn pizza because it literally solves everything.