BOAA: Best New Restaurant: Avalon

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 10:00pm


Ruchita Iyer / Daily

I write this in a cozy chair on a Sunday morning in the corner of Avalon Café & Kitchen. The restaurant is completely full, an eclectic crowd of families, Ann Arbor locals, students and visitors. Some are working, some are eating, but all are happy.

Ann Arbor has a lot of great coffee shops and Ann Arbor has a lot of great restaurants, but Avalon is one few spots in town which successfully functions as both. Opened in Winter 2016, the Detroit-based company has become an institution in Ann Arbor. The food menu is extensive and includes everything from a killer Avocado Toast to scrumptious Blueberry Quinoa Pancakes to a hearty Brassica Bowl. The coffee is hot and ever-flowing. The desserts are mouth-watering. The beer is on tap. And the bread. Oh, the bread.

You name the bread, Avalon probably has it — and it’s delicious. Initially established as an international bread company in Downtown Detroit, Avalon is most famous for its loaves of doughy goodness. It can be purchased by the loaf, should (in my humble opinion) be eaten always and forever.

There’s an inimitable warmth to Avalon’s atmosphere. The seamless transition from restaurant in one room to café in the other makes it feel more like a home than a store. It’s the place you can share with friends, family, dates, peers, or if you find the right cozy chair, yourself.