BOAA: Best Live Music: Blind Pig

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 9:58pm

Blind Pig

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Amelia Cacchione

The first time I stepped into the Bling Pig I was extraordinarily underwhelmed. I was going to see (Sandy) Alex G back in fall of 2016, and after springing to and from the union to print my tickets, I finally made my way into the dark, intimate room after a slightly less than pleasant experience with the bouncers.

However, despite the fact that I initially thought that the room seemed slightly less magical than I’d imagined after hearing the hype, I finally saw the reason why so many people see the Bling Pig as one of the most special places in Ann Arbor. Once I made my way into the crowd, I started singing along, dancing and moshing with people that genuinely were enjoying the show. The intimacy of the venue, while at first might seem cramped and crowded, brought me together with really cool people that genuinely cared about the music they were listening to.

You really have to experience the Blind Pig to understand the hype. There’s a reason why the venue has gained a reputation, and has historically attracted some of the biggest names in music. Even after attracting big names like Nirvana back in the day, the Pig still supports local talent by holding local showcases in conjunction with student groups like Empty Mug Records.

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the fact that the Blind Pig is a landmark in Ann Arbor, and continues to host some of the biggest acts, forty years after its foundation.