BOAA: Best Karaoke: Circus

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 9:26pm



With a prime location, free Billiards tables, and a complete Karaoke list, Circus offers the quintessential vibe for college students and twenty-somethings. Beers are cheap, the popcorn is free, and when you finally cave to your friends’ pleads of “Just one song! Please!,” the buzzed and lively crowd transforms into a loyal, supportive and enthusiastic audience — perfect for Karaoke. It goes like this: you pick your tune, wait long enough for them to call you up to sing that you forgot you agreed to do it in the first place, get handed the mic, feel the butterflies (or is that the vodka?) in your stomach start to squirm, and then, the music starts. You start singing, and you feel the lights on your face and smell the potent, familiar mix of beer and sweat and in a strange way, it calms you down. The excited and lively strangers in front of you start singing along with you as though you were the one who originated 2007’s #1 hit (Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”, of course).

The bar area is the perfect size, where it does not take an exorbitant amount of people for it to feel busy and happening; the stage is the same — you get your moment, up on that small-but-big-enough pedestal, looking down at all your fans. But being on stage is just the half of it: most of the time you are at Circus, you are part of the audience for someone else. You are a member of that earnest crowd, supporting and cheering on your friends and perfect strangers. You become part of something, sharing the quasi-concert experience with so many around you. Because when you find yourself crying to a gorgeous, drunken rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” — whether or not it was you singing — the people around you become your best friends, even if it’s just for the night.